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Bid Number: 051-43
Bid Title: Cleaning & Repair of Firefighting Turnout Gear
Category: Bids & Proposals
Status: Open


Addendum 1

                                           Project Name:  Repair and Cleaning of Firefighting Turnout Gear

IFB Number #051-43 – Addendum 1                                                                                                  March 22, 2023


The following questions and answers are for bid #051-43.

 Q1 – Does Hall County Fire Rescue perform their own internal advanced cleanings?

A1 - Yes

 Q2 – Does Hall County Fire Rescue perform their own internal advanced inspections? 

A2 - No

Q3 – Does Hall County Fire Rescue perform their own internal Complete Liner Inspections? 

A3 - No

 Q4 – Will Hall County Fire Rescue provide maintenance history QUANTITIES for 2022 for all entries noted on Mandatory Cost Proposal Worksheet? 

A4 - No

Q5 – Page 15 “Back-Up Gear” – Please provide definition of what comprises “Back-Up Gear” Is it a coat & pant together?  Is it a full set of PPE i.e. Helmet, Hood, Coat, Pant, Gloves, & Boots? 

A5 – Coat and pants with liner.

 Q6 – Page 16 “Emergency Response Program” – is “back-up gear” defined in same manner as question #5? 

A6 - Back up gear consists of Coat and pants to include liners.

 Q7 – Page 16 “Available for Purchase” – Please provide 2022 quantities purchased.  

A7 - 75 sets

 Q8 – Page 16 Cleaning – “ultimate clean” is not a NFPA 1851 term or defined level of cleaning.  Please describe what an “ultimate clean” entail.   

A8 - NFPA 1851 recommended cleaning.

 Q9 – Page 16 “plus removal of tar, oil or similar” do you expect an “add on” per garment fee for this service or would you like it priced with the “Turn-out Coat or Pant” cleaning?  

A9 - Itemized add-on would be fine.

 Q10 – Page 16 Does Hall County Fire Rescue have any Proximity firefighting ensembles in inventory?  If so, how many?  

A10 - No

 Q11 – Page 16 Does Hall County Fire Rescue have any One-Piece Ensembles in inventory?  If so, how many?  

A11 - No

 Q12 – Page 16 How many “Station Wear Shirt or Pants” did Hall County Fire Rescue have serviced in 2022?  

A12 - Zero

 Q13 – Please provide a copy of Hall County Fire Rescue gear specification(s) for each of the past 10-years.  This would include manufacturer of turn out gear, materials used for outer shell, thermal liner, and moisture barrier.  This should include information relating to materials used for reflective trim, knees, cuffs, and reinforcement materials along with types of coat & pant closure systems.  Name panel style and lettering for fire department and fire fighter name panels. 

A13 - Globe Extreme and Lion V-Force.

 Q14 – Page 17 “Re-stitch” please define unit of measure i.e. 1 inch, 6 inches, 12 inches? 

A14 - By 1” increments

 Q15 – Page 17 “Velcro” is replacement defined as one piece (hook or loop) of Velcro?  

A15 - Hook and loop

 Q16 – Page 18 “Moisture Barrier Replacement” is not permitted within NFPA 1851 by a verified ISP.  Replacement moisture barriers must be ordered from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Costs can vary dependent upon materials used and may not be possible given the 1971 revision date for which the element was manufactured to meet.  Can this entry be quoted on a case-by-case basis?  

A16 - Yes

 Q17 – Page 18 “Warranty Crosstech Moisture barrier replacement” The barrier itself may be replaced under warranty however, in some cases, the cost of reattachment to the thermal liner may not.  Is this (cost of reattachment) the cost requested?  If not, please describe the cost sought. 

A17 - N/A warranty replacement

 Q18 – Page 20 “Lettering” How many letters per line for Letter Patch 2”? 

A18 -  Do not use 2”

 Q19 – Page 20 “Lettering” How many letters per line for Letter Patch 3”? 

A19 - 14 letter max.  (Hall County)

 Q20 – Page 20 “Lettering” Is “letter direct to garment” a sewn letter or an iron-on letter?  

A20 - Sewn on Hall County

 Q21 – Page 20 “Detergent Station Care 1851 Turnout Cleaner” is it permissible for respondent to price a comparable or better detergent offering? 

A21 - Yes

 Q22 - Some entries on cost proposal sheet may be obsolete or not applicable for the scope of this solicitation.  In the event the respondent feels this may be the case, is it acceptable for the respondent to enter “n/a”?  

A22 - Yes

 Hall County

 Debra Howington, Buyer

Publication Date/Time:
3/14/2023 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
Addendum 1
Bid Opening Information:
Tuesday, 3/28/23 @ 2pm
Addendum Date/Time:
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Contact Person:
Julie Dorough,

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