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Bid Number: 43-022
Category: Bids & Proposals
Status: Closed
Bid Recipient: Public



Request for Qualifications with Cost Proposals

RFQ/P #43-022

For the provision of 




Judicial Complex Space Study and Consultant Services


Hall County, an incorporated county in the State of Georgia, is soliciting proposals from qualified construction consulting firms to provide Owner’s Representative for Judicial Complex Space Study and Consultant Services. The County intends to award one (1) contract to one (1) firm for this initial feasibility study. 


Schedule of Events:


Bid Post Date:                                  Tuesday, 03/21/2023, 8:00am

Optional Pre-Bid Meeting:             Thursday, 03/30/2023, 2:00pm   

Bidders Questions Due Date:        Friday, 04/07/2023, 5:00pm         

Answers to Questions Due:           Friday, 04/14/2023, 5:00pm         

Bid Due Date:                                 Thursday, 04/20/2023, 2:00pm                                             

Bidding Process: Hall County (herein “County”) is now accepting sealed bid proposals from qualified Owner’s Representative for Judicial Complex Space Study and Consultant Services (herein ‘Services’).  The County will receive bids in the Purchasing Department located on the fourth (4th) floor at the Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30504, on 04/20/2023, 2:00pm EST.


Public Reading: The Issuing Officer named herein will open and publicly read all proposer’s names on the date, time and address above.  The County will make known potential contract award winners by a Notice of Intent to Award posted on the County website. 


Addendum: The County may make an extension of the above schedule of events by a formal written addendum and publicly posted if deemed in the best interest of the County.


Proposal Documents: There is no cost to bidders for the bid packets documents and a Bid Bond is not required. The bid packet contains all the scope of work and mandatory forms needed to submit a bid. Bidders may request submittal documents via the County’s Website at,then click the ‘Request a Bid Packet’ link, fill out the requested information, click ‘Submit’, and Purchasing will send you a bid package via email.


Alternatively, Bidders may download the submittal documents directly from the job board BidNet at and from the Georgia Procurement Registry at .



1.         General Qualifications: 


The contractor shall be responsible for all work performed in support of this contract.  Sub-contractors shall perform no work unless pre-approved in writing by the County.  Contractors must disclose any intended Sub-contractors within the bid at the time of bid submissions.  If the bidder intends to use a sub-contractor to fulfill one entire segment of this contract, then the bidder should submit to the County professional references for the sub-contractor on jobs similar in size and scope.  Once the County has awarded the contract, the contractor cannot change sub-contractors without seeking written pre-approval from the County.  The County reserves the right to check all references and conduct background checks on any changes to sub-contractors or workers performing work under this contract.  The contractor shall be wholly responsible for the quality of their sub-contractor’s work.   The contractor shall not award more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the work to sub-contractors on any project, without prior approval of the County Representative. 


2.         The awarded contractor shall provide Owner’s Representative Services for a Judicial Complex Space Study and Consultant to Hall County.


3.         The County must pre-approve any change orders in writing. The County may deny any work done before the issuance of a written change order. Contractor is not to accept any verbal change order(s) from the project manager. The County may consider any work out of scope in jeopardy of non-compensation. 


4.    Contractor shall provide copies of the following Licensing with their bid response:


  1. Valid Business License
  2. Letter of Bondability that your firm can acquire bonds equal to 100% each of the contract value for Performance and Payment bonds. Awarded Contractors must produce the Bonds prior to any work commencing.
  3. Professional Certifications
  4. Certificate of Insurance



5.      Optional Pre-Bid Meeting:  The Pre-Bid meeting is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. Contractors are responsible for confirming and attending an optional pre-bid on-site meeting on 03/30/2023, at 2:00pm at the Hall County Courthouse, 225 Green St SE, Gainesville, GA 30501, 2nd floor conference room. Bidder's must pass through the security check-gate.


Request for Clarification: The County reserves the right to request clarification of information submitted and to request additional information of one or more applicants.  


Legally Binding Agreement: The County considers a bid response as an irrevocable offer, good for a period of one-hundred and twenty calendar days (120) from submission. The County and the selected Contractor shall enter into a formal agreement substantially in the form of the attached EXHIBIT K – RFQ-P #43-022 OWNERS REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE CONTRACT.  Bidders should sign, notarize and return the contract. The County will consider all Terms and Conditions as acceptable if bidders make no formal and written objections to the Terms and Conditions. 


The County reserves the right to reject all proposals, and to negotiate fees, conditions, or terms with the respondent submitting the overall best proposal. 


Proposal Information: In consideration of service per-hour fee proposal, assume the following:


Technical Proposal Response: Bidders must answer all Mandatory Questions, which are pass/fail, and the Mandatory Scored Questions, which are weighted. The County’s Evaluation Committee will assign the bidder’s answers with point values. The total maximum points available for the Technical Proposal response is eight-hundred (800) points.


The proposer’s response should be limited to direct answers to the questions asked.  Proposers are required to answer all the Mandatory Scored questions.  Please do not included extraneous marketing materials such as brochures that do not directly answer the questions.


Bidders may expanded their answers to the questions onto separate pages if needed, with the question repeated at the top of each page, in addition to the space provided next to each on the Mandatory Scored Question worksheet.  Do not submit bound proposals, neither stapled nor spiral-bound. Provide one-side printed documents only. 


Additionally, proposers should not exceed the maximum response length for each question.  All quantitative material should include complete assumptions and be supported by detailed schedules evidencing all calculations and results. 


Responses to the questions should be clear and concise.  Where appropriate, Bidder’s should show statistical information in a tabular (chart) format, and textual information in bullet form.   If possible, summarize key information or points for each question at the beginning of answers.  


Evaluation and Selection: The County will evaluate all submittals in accordance with the Official Code of Hall County, Georgia 3.10, and as further detailed herein.  The County will evaluate proposals using a two-step process. The first is the ‘Technical Proposal’ that outlines the bidding firm’s qualifications and experience and its approach to offering the Services. The total available points available is eight-hundred (800). 


The Evaluation Committee will then evaluate cost for such services to determine the best value in the interest of the County.  The total available points available for cost is two-hundred (200). The total highest score of the Technical Response plus the Cost Proposal is a possible one-thousand (1,000) points. The highest scoring proposal will be the apparent award winner and may enter negotiations with the County.


The County has determined its own Evaluation and selection Committee to review the submitted qualifications and the cost proposals of submitting firms. During the evaluation process, the County reserve the right, when it may serve the County’s best interest, to request information for clarification from proposers and to allow corrections to errors or omissions. 


Defined Terms: For the purpose of this Request for Qualifications and Cost Proposals, the terms; ‘consultant’, ‘submitter’, ‘proposer’, ‘firm’ and ‘bidder’, ‘contractor’, ‘agency’, ‘company’, shall mean one and the same. Additionally, the terms ‘submittal’, ‘bid’, ‘response’ and ‘proposal’ shall also mean one and the same. Additionally, ‘Hall County, Georgia’, ‘Hall County Government’, ‘Hall County Board of Commissioners’, and ‘County’, shall all mean one-and-the-same.


Validation: Bidders must sign and notarize their submittals.  Hall County requires that bidder’s provide a cover letter with a wet signature by an officer of the firm with the submittal to ensure its originality.  Please submit one (1) hard paper proposal marked “Original” with a wet signature, along with four (4) copies, and also provide the proposals (technical and separately cost) in a digital format on a flash drive, in both Microsoft Word, Excel and in a PDF format.


The County reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted and use any idea(s) in a proposal regardless of contract award or not.  The County shall have the right to waive any informality or irregularity of immaterial deviation in any bid received. 

Bidders must complete and return all forms and documents entitled ‘Mandatory’ with the bid or the proposal. Failure to do so may deem the proposal non-responsive and the County will not evaluate for award.

Award Process: The County reserves the option to reject any or all bids, in whole-or-in-part, or to select any bidder to complete the described Service.  The County will not make an award of contract solely based on lowest bid, but also on approach, references, qualifications and other subjective criteria as the County may deem necessary and determine at its sole discretion.  Bidder then expressly understands that the County may reject the proposal for any reason without liability on part of the County to the Bidder.


Questions: Bidder’s must present all questions in writing and directed solely to the issuing officer at No other contact of any nature, verbal, email, or other communication is permissible with any other County staff member, nor its elected officials, nor Commissioners, during the evaluation process. The County may deem such as collusion, and thus render the submission in violation of the Official Code of Hall County and thus the County may reject the proposal as non-responsive and not evaluate the proposal for an award. 

Publication Date/Time:
3/21/2023 8:00 AM
Publication Information:
Closing Date/Time:
4/20/2023 2:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Sealed bid proposals
Bid Opening Information:

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