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Bid Number: 021-43
Bid Title: Drug Screen Kits & Services - addendum 1
Category: Bids & Proposals
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: Redwood Toxicology, Santa Rosa, CA & LifeHope Labs, Sandy Springs, GA


Addendum #1

May 5, 2022    

                                IFB #21-43, Drug Screen Kits & Services Annual Contract, Addendum 1

Q1.  Will you consider a laboratory test over an instant test since lab tests are more accurate?

A1.  Jail - We would definitely consider lab tests because they are more accurate than instant tests; just not as                    convenient and not as practical in some cases.  C.I. - No

Q2.  What do you currently pay for these instant tests?   

A2.  Jail & C.I. - We pay $70.00 for a box of drug screens (25 per box).

Q3.  How many locations do you collect samples from?

A3.  Jail – We currently collect drug samples at the Work Release Facility, inmates work locations, as well as our House Arrest Offenders residences.  C.I. – One location. Treatment Center – 3 locations. Treatment Services – We can ship specimens to the vendor for confirmation testing.  We normally make 2-3 shipments per week.

Q4.  Do you drug test daily?

A4.  Jail – yes, we do screen inmates on a daily basis.  C.I. – no. Treatment Center – yes. 

Q5.  Who is the current vendor?

A5.  American Drug Screen

Q6.  Do you utilize a random scheduling / notification line?

A6.  Yes

Q7.  What is your case management system?

A7.  Georgia Department of Corrections guidelines and Connexis Lab and Connexis Case. 

Q8.  Who is the incumbent provider for the requested services / devices?

A8.  Consumables – Therapak and American Drug Screening Corp. Confirmation and specialty testing – LifeHope Labs

Q9.  What is the County currently paying for the requested services / devices?

 A9.  DT collection cups - $.45/cup, Biohazard bags - $463.37/case (2,000 per case). See attachment for pricing list for confirmation / specialty testing. 

Q10. Are the configurations of the requested devices in the IFB currently being provided to the County?

A10. Yes, to my knowledge.

Q11. Can the County clarify the anticipated volumes for the requested line items? On page 7 the County requests pricing for 1,000 5-panel, 8-panel and 9-panel and 12-panel drug screen and ETG tests?

A11. We do not have exact quantities to give as 3 various departments are doing these test. Please quote the 1,000 per as requested. This is an annual estimated quantity.

Q12. Will the County accept alternate devices?  That is, will the County accept bids that Include devices with alternate drugs or additional drugs? 

A12. We need the specified confirmation and specialty tests listed in the bid; but, will accept additional drugs. 

Q13. Can it be clarified for line items 12-22 is the County seeking confirmation testing for devices/single-panel tests that they are currently receiving from another vendor? There are no line items for these single panel tests, just confirmations so we want to understand where the County is currently sourcing these devices from.

A13. We are seeking single assay confirmation as well as specialty testing for urine specimens collected and analyzed in our in-house drug testing lab.  Not collected in POC or instant drug testing kit cups. 

Q14. Can the County clarify if the 5-panel drug screen, 5-panel, 8-panel and 9-panel and 12-panel drug screen requested are devices or if the County is seeking a lab-based screen?

A14.  To my knowledge, these are devices.

Q15.  Would the County be interested in receiving lab-based screen + confirmation pricing for line items 12-22?

A15.  Yes

Q16. Can vendors bid by line items?  That is will a bid be disqualified if it does not bid on all line items requested?

A16. Our preference is to have all line items answered. 

Q17. Can the County please confirm that they will not be utilizing FFUO devices for any purposes in a clinical setting?  For example, the K2 dip and FTY dips are FFUO and no FDKA 510k cleared.

A17.  I can’t confirm this will not be utilized.  

Q18. How many instances of expert witness testimony has the County requested in the past year?

A18. 3 – 4

Q19. Regarding question 5 on page 6, is the County seeking vendors to list any other organizations for which it provides similar services with Hall County or within the State of Georgia?

A19. Question 5 on page 6 is:  Provide any additional information that may be beneficial for us in considering your proposal. Doesn’t apply to question.  If you mean question 6, List other employers in the area for which you provide similar services.  This would be for reference checking. 

Q20. ETG Test:  Is this a laboratory test or an instant point-of-care test kit?

A20. Instant test.

Q21. Drug Screen Confirmation:  Does this mean a laboratory screen test with positive results automatically confirmed by GCMS or LCMS? Or, are these “direct to confirmation” tests (i.e., no initial screen test)?

A21. Urine screens that initially tested positive in our in-hour lab that are then sent for final GC/LCMS confirmation testing. 

Q22. Pages 9-10, Items Nos. 12-19, 21, 22 (Confirmation Tests): Can you provide an estimate or the historical quantities for each of these lab-based confirmation test?

A22. The monthly average is 75-100 on all items.  

Q23. Page 10, Item 20:  Confirmation Testing (list all drugs which can be tested and the cost for each: a) Does this mean a comprehensive laboratory-based screen test with positive results automatically confirmed by GCMS or LCMS). b) What is the estimated or historical monthly quantity?

A23. A) Yes, we need a full list of all drugs that can be tested on a laboratory-based screen with available confirmation testing if positive. B) 200-300

Q24. To how many locations will testing kits and supplies need to be shipped and how frequently?

A24. 3 locations and the frequency will vary by location.  Ex:  Treatment Services would be every 4-6 weeks. 

All other Terms and Conditions remain the same.

Hall County Board of Commissioners

Debra Howington, Buyer

Publication Date/Time:
4/27/2022 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
Addendum 1
Bid Opening Information:
Wednesday, 5/11/22 @ 2pm
Addendum Date/Time:
Thursday, May 5, 2022
Contact Person:
Debra Howington,

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