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Bid Number: 42-016
Bid Title: Hall County Courthouse Camera System, Addendum 1
Category: Bids & Proposals
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: Busker Communications, Gainesville, GA, $968,718.00.


December 2, 2021   

 RFQ/P #42-016, Hall County Courthouse Camera System, Addendum 1






Vendors in attendance at the mandatory pre-bid meeting, 11/19/21:


SC Data Com, Savannah, GA – Joey Buroker and Jason Hartley

Busker Communications, Gainesville, GA – Jack Deutsch and 

     Frank Rundell

Axis Communications – Sam Woodring

Hanwha Techwin, Marietta, GA – Ron Spencer

SSP, Norcross, GA – Scott Carter

Net Planner System, Erik Hall

Adapt to Solve, Winder, GA – Rob Hendricks

Alscan, Atlanta, GA – Brittany Tosh

Telenet Systems, Cartersville, GA – Eric Kerce

NCI, Duluth, GA – Alex Erwin and Logan Ghorley

Genetec, Powder Springs – Nick Lawrimore

Acom Integrated, Stockbridge, GA – Keith Bradshaw

Twelve & Associates, Marietta, GA – John Jolley 

Avigilon, Sugar Hill, GA – Jeff Morton

Astro Integrated, Marietta, GA – Douglas Fullbeck

Icotech, Inc., Montgomery, AL – Scott Pritchett and Bryan Hodges

Electronic Sales Co., Gainesville, GA – Cory Cooley 

Pelco, Cumming, GA – Rodney Eslinger

EMC Security, Suwanee, GA – Daniel Homrich

Southwestern Security, Norcross, GA – Joseph English

A3 Communications, Duluth, GA – Carlos Calhoun


Questions received by vendors for the bid.  


1.  In the main Courthouse, where do you want the video server located and is there existing rack space?   There is no room in the existing server rack.  We want the server rack to be located in the existing server closet on the ground floor in the Sheriff’s Office. 


2.  Can you provide more information on the ECON control board, i.e. manufacturer and model number? The current control system / software manufacturer is ECON Systems. Website – Sales Rep – Scott, Phone – (334) 386-9997, email – .


3.  Someone mentioned in the pre-bid meeting that you need the cameras to integrate with the touch screens?  I believe the screen was crated with Wonderware Intouch.  If so, in what version did it come?  Do you have copies of the source code for the project?  Icotech installed the touchscreen and it is utilizing a program called ECON to operate it.  Also, I do not have any source codes for the project. 


4.  Since we get a layout of the building, can you tell us which floors the NEW cameras will be installed?  We need this for the Annex also?

Cameras:  Main Courthouse

Ten (10) cameras (fixed) mounted above/behind Judge’s chair (overall courtroom view) – 4 on the 4th floor

2 on the 3rd floor

2 on the 2nd floor

2 on the 1st floor

Three (3) cameras in Magistrate lobby – 3rd floor

Two (2) cameras in FLIC lobby – 2nd floor

One (1) camera in DA’s office lobby – 3rd floor

One (1) in Sheriff’s Office lobby – 1st floor

One (1) camera in Solicitor’s office lobby – 1st floor

One (1) camera in Indigent Defense lobby - 2nd floor

One (1) camera between SR1 & SR2 – ground floor

Three (3) cameras in the Jury Assembly Room – 1st floor

One (1) camera in the Grand Jury lobby – 3rd floor

One (1) camera at roof door – all the way top of the stairwell


Cameras:  Annex Courthouse

One (1) camera inside Juvenile Probation Office – 1st floor

One (1) camera inside Juvenile Probation lobby – 1st floor

One (1) camera inside Juvenile Court lobby – 2nd floor

One (1) camera inside Deed Room – ground floor


5.  Under the Data Collection or Data Verification/Confirmation section, it states measurements are to be completed when the improvements are “dried in”. Can you explain what “dried in” means? Generally that is about 40-50% complete right at or before the rough electrical and plumbing is in. It also mentions required risk factors; can you explain what the risk factors are? In the state of Georgia the APM says 75%.  That is what we use.


6.    Along with the County ID and business card, will the service provider need to wear a vest with a County Seal? Not at this time. Could we provide those for our staff for safety concerns? Yes.


       7.     The RFP mentions neighborhoods and market modeling in the ‘Residential Valuation via Market Modeling (Lot and Improvement)’ section. Will the service provider be responsible for creating market models or maintain currently used models? Sometimes both but usually maintaining currently used models. Typically only for analytics.  Will the service provider be responsible for neighborhood delineation or does the County have the neighborhoods defined? The county will do this unless the county project manager requests assistance in this area.

 8.     Under the General Residential Appeals section, it states that the service provider will be responsible for assembling appraisal data, will the sales ratio and other valuation information used to establish the values be provided to the service provider? It can but the service provider is expected to know how to operate in the appraisal software in order to get those results.  Are appeals conducted virtually or in person? In person.


 9.     In many counties, we provide for data entry of our findings from field visits or appeal    

         settlements. What is the extent of data entry that Tyler will need to perform? The service provider is expected to have knowledge of how to make notes via the data cloud/mobile assessor application and the appraisal software.  We do not provide data entry support to the appraisal contractor for the work that is given.


    10.      During the Q&A portion of the pre-bid meeting, it was mentioned that the existing camera   

              system  (in the main courthouse) will have to remain operational during the changeover / 

              upgrade and that the new system will need to be brought on-line alongside the old system in 

              order to maintain courthouse security.  Will the same thing the required in the Annex 

              Courthouse?  Yes, the Annex camera system will need to remain operational as long as possible

              to minimize the system being down.  


    11.      Courthouse personnel indicated that the Control Room in the Annex needed to be able to take

              Over the functions of the Control Room in the Main Courthouse and vice versa.   Does this 

              include the other security functions such as controlling locks or monitoring alarms?  This is 

              referring exclusively to the camera system and not the control board in the Main Courthouse. 


    12.    Does the County have any existing fiber optic cable between the Main Courthouse and the 

              Annex Courthouse?  There is an existing fiber optics line in place between the Main Courthouse 

              and the 1936 Courthouse that is directly behind the Annex Courthouse. 


    13.     Does the Courthouse have a dumpster available for debris disposal?  Yes, a dumpster can be 

             provided for debris disposal. 


    14.   Seeing how this bid is somewhat of a design build proposal would Hall County consider extending

            the bid date to allow all bidders adequate time to build the most cost effective solution?  The bid 

            date will not be extended as we are working to get this done as soon as possible. 


    15.   Are existing floor plans available for the bidding vendors?  The only plans we are able to 

            distribute are the plans for the parking deck.  We can’t give out the floor plans for the buildings. 


   16.    For the replacement cameras are you wanting a variety of cameras quoted or (6) of the fixed 

            cameras?  Please read the bid package, especially Section F – Price Response, for the product 

            being requested.  


      All other terms and conditions remain the same. 


Hall County Board of Commissioners


      Debra Howington, Buyer

Publication Date/Time:
11/10/2021 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
Addendum 1
Bid Opening Information:
Wednesday, 12/8/21, @ 3pm
Addendum Date/Time:
Thursday, December 1, 2021
Contact Person:
Debra Howington,

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