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Bid Number: 42-010
Bid Title: HCSO Construction Manager at Risk, Addendum 1
Category: Bids & Proposals
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: Scroggs & Grizzel Contracting, Gainesville, GA for $945,667.00



August 3,  2021       

RFQ #42-010, Hall County Sheriff’s Office Construction Manager at Risk, Addendum 1



1.  A mandatory pre-bid conference / site inspection was held at 10:00 AM, on 07/27/21 at the Hall County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Center (LEC) located at 2859 Browns’ Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30504.  Only those firms identified below who attended the conference are eligible for bid submission acceptance.  All other submissions will be rejected:

 Hall County Attendees:

  Chuck Pinney, Purchasing Supervisor

   Matt Shiver, Purchasing Manager 

   Larry West, Construction Management 

   Dwaine Wilson, Construction Management 

   Melanie Smith, Construction Management 

   Bill Nash, Assistant Director, Public Works & Utilities

   Joe Collier, HCSO Project Specialist 

   Major Sean McCusker, HCSO Support Services

 Qualifying Vendor Attendees:

   Albion GC, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

      Savannah Newsome, , 678-325-5900

   Avco Builders, LLC, Dunwoody, GA 30533

      Jeremy Shadrix, , 770-560-7848

   Conditioned Air Systems, Gainesville, GA 30501

      Jeff Williams, , 678-772-0459

   Crown Services Contractors, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

      Ken Keating, , 770-845-4296

   Diversified Construction of Georgia, Tucker, GA 30084

      Akiva Halpern, , 678-705-4373

   Farris Construction, Dahlonega, GA 30533

      Tom Nordstrom, , 706-867-6222

   Scroggs & Grizzzel, Gainesville, GA 30501

      Kim Jensen, , 404-518-2985

   Sunbelt Builders, Covington, GA 30014

      Doug Murdaugh, , 770-786-3031 

  1. 2.  The following topics / questions were discussed during the pre-bid conference or were received following the conference:


Q1:      There is space being actively used for fitness training on the floor under construction.  Will this area be included in the construction activity?

A1:       No, this area is presently being utilized by multiple law enforcement agencies and will not be involved. It must be isolated from construction activity by a dust barrier and kept clean so that training may continue uninterrupted by construction activity or dust.

Q2:      Please describe the type of construction dust barrier needed to separate construction from the space Owner will continue to use.

A2:       This is a means and methods item. Contractor needs to take reasonable measures to mitigate dust / construction mess from occupied and protected spaces. Contractor to clean as required to keep operational / occupied areas free from mess and debris and to allow continual operation of the facility.

Q3:      Will specific noise control practices be required during construction?

A3:       No specific noise control practices will be required during construction. However, Contractor may be requested to temporarily delay or halt an activity should the noise interfere with an ongoing interrogation / interview occurring in an office space below the construction area.

Q4:      The present targeted completion date of October 1, 2021, listed under the Overview of Requirement provides a very short period for securing subcontractors and acquisition of supplies and it is unlikely that work will be completed by that date.   How is the Contractor to address that issue?

A4:       Contractor must provide their Guaranteed Delivery Date (GDD) per Section II.B. Scope of Service and should outline their concerns and proposed project scheduling accordingly.  


Q5:      Because of the existing time constraints of the GDD, will Contractor be allowed to work after hours and weekends?

A5:       Contractor will be allowed to work outside of the normal office hours of this facility and on weekends if necessary. Prior approval by Construction Management and the Sheriff’s Office must be provided to allow for the maintenance of appropriate security measures of the LEC.

Q6:      The bid specs indicate that Owner may utilize Inmate Labor for some parts of this project.  Is there an estimate of what labor will be provided and for what activities?

A6:       Inmate Labor will not be utilized on this project.  Contractor is responsible for providing all necessary labor.


Q7:      Will Contractor be required to perform background checks on their personnel who will be working within the LEC?

A7:       Yes, Contractor is required to perform background checks on all personnel to ensure the security of the LEC. The Sheriff’s Office retains the right to deny facility access to any personnel who do not meet and maintain appropriate security protocols.

      Q8:      Where is construction material to be delivered and how is access to be provided to the facility?

A8:       It is presently planned that all Contractor personnel and material will gain access to the LEC through the main entrance.  Access may be provided for delivery and storage of material via the rear security gate on an as-needed basis.  Prior approval must be received from Construction Management and the Sheriff’s Office for utilization of the rear security gate for facility access.


A9:       Mandatory Questions Sheet #2 requests the “Completed and submitted Location Form”. I am unable to locate this form in the documents provided. Will you please advise on where that might be?

A9:       That form has been attached to this Addendum for your completion / inclusion in your proposal submission.

Q10:    Will there be insulation above the ACT throughout the space? The plans are showing just at wall C3.

A11:     Sound Batt insulation should be provided in the walls and above the ceilings at the offices adjacent to the exterior walls, the Conference Room, the Computer Lab and the Wire  Room.  Reference A0.1 for additional information.


Q11:    Will you want to prime the wall facing the existing gym space from floor to ceiling or leave it unfinished and taped?

A11:     Walls towards the unfinished area shall be taped and mudded.


Q12:    Will the brackets for mounting the TVs be provided by the Owner or Contractor?

A12:     TV Mounting Brackets are Owner Furnished and Contractor installed.


Q13:    Will Data Receptacles by Contractor need to be pull strings for later install or data wiring and receptacle by Contractor?

A13:     Low Voltage conduits and boxes will have pull strings. Low Voltage wiring and installation will be by the Owner's vendor.

Q14:    On sheet E3.1 - Key Note #2, Room 223B is referenced. Please provide the location of Room 223B.

A14:     Room 223B is directly below Rooms 17 and 18.

Q15:    On sheet E3.1 - Note 7, references Mechanical being relocated. This relocation is not shown on the Mechanical Sheets. Please clarify.

A15:     Per Note 7 on drawings, sheet E3.1 refers to 1-1/4” conduit for floor boxes.

Q16:    On E3.1, the riser is shown as going back to the SSA panel to feed panel LC3.  On the panel schedule for existing panel LC2 they show a 225 amp breaker in it to feed panel LC3.  Please advise which is correct.

A16:     Existing panel LC2 does not have a 225 amp breaker as it is full.


Q17:    Sheet E4.1 Note A, requires tying the new fire alarm system into the existing control panel. Please provide the manufacturer of the existing system and confirm there is enough room on the existing control panel to support the new system.

A17:     The existing system is an Edwards EST i0500 and adequate space is available in the existing control panel to support the new system.

Q18:    Please confirm the Type of ACT to be used in the ceiling.

A18:     The design intent is for the new finishes to match the existing interior finishes. It is believed to be Armstrong Cortera 770. Please reference the originally issued plans and specifications for this project for additional information, and field verify.

Q19:    Which Card Access Vendor is presently being used within the building; Sargent, Corbin, Schlage or other?

A19:     The existing card access system is a Honeywell NetAXS.


  1. 3.  All other Terms and Conditions remain the same.


Hall County Board of Commissioners


Chuck Pinney, Purchasing Supervisor

Publication Date/Time:
8/3/2021 2:00 PM
Publication Information:
Request for Qualifications/Proposal
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Bid Opening Information:
3:00 PM, August 6, 2021
Contact Person:
Chuck Pinney, Purchasing Supervisor,

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