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Bid Number: 42-002
Bid Title: Demand Services for Resurfacing, Paving & Full Depth Reclamation Addendum 1
Category: Bids & Proposals
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: Allied Paving Contractors, Pendergrass, GA & Pittman construction, Conyers, GA


Addendum 1:  Questions and answers for bid #42-002 from vendors: 

July 27, 2021    

                  RFQ #42-002, Demand Services for Resurfacing, Paving & Full Depth Reclamation, Addendum 1



Questions from vendors and answers by Blair Reynolds.

1)  The description states Full Depth Reclamation. Will there be any Full Depth Reclamation on this project? No pay item.  This RFQ is for Resurfacing, Base and Paving and FDR projects in Hall County.  As of now, there are no FDR projects currently ready for bidding, only the Resurfacing project listed in this RFQ.

2)  There are (2) Speed Bumps on Casper Dr.. Will these be removed & replaced? If so a pay item is needed.  The speed bumps on Casper Drive are located outside the maintenance limits of Hall County.

3)  Will the parking areas on Casper Dr. be included in the paving?  The parking areas on Casper Drive are located outside the maintenance limits of Hall County.

4)  There is a Railroad Crossing on Georgia Ave. @ill the contractor be required to supply Railroad Insurance and Railroad Flagging?  The Railroad Crossing on Georgia Avenue is located within the City Limits of Gainesville and therefore not within the maintenance limits of Hall County.

5)  Will the contractor be required to Adjust Manholes to Grade on this project? If so a pay item is needed.  The contractor will not be responsible for raising man-hole lids; however, the contractor will need to  mark the location of the lids.

6)  Will the contractor be required to mill and/or pave into the side roads?  All side roads will be properly tied-in to provide safe access.

7)  Will the contractor be required to mill and/or pave into driveways?  All driveways will be properly tied-in to provide safe access.

8)  Looks like the Shoulder Construction is paid by the shoulder mile – is this correct?  The Shoulder Construction item is based off of shoulder miles.

9)    The millings are to be delivered to the Hall Co. Landfill what is the address?  1700  Oakbrook Drive, Gainesville, GA  30507.

10)    How many days can the milled surfaces remain uncovered without asphalt?  Any milled tie-in that is not located at an intersection that requires traffic to stop shall have topping installed within one week.  All other tie-ins should be topped within 30 calendar days.

11) Where will the 5,000 sy of Variable Depth Milling be performed?  The Milling line item covers any edge milling, driveway/side road tie-ins, etc.

12)    Will any Traffic Signal Loops be on this project?  There are no Traffic Signal Loops located within the limits of this project.

13)    Can Hall Co. give the bidding contractors the tons of Patching on each road?  The roads on this project are pre-marked for patching areas.

14)    What is the location or locations for the 100 tons of Aggregate Surface Course?  This is an item that is on an “as-needed” basis for driveways/mailboxes during the shoulder construction.

15)    There is 9,620 tons of Leveling on this project: what is the depth of the leveling and what roads will receive the leveling?  All roads are to be considered for leveling and the spread rate is 55lbs/sy.

16)    How will the Crack Sealing be paid? Centerline mile?  The Crack Sealing line item will be paid by the centerline mile.

17) Will all millings include the millings from the patching operation?  Yes

18) There is a note to haul Millings to the Hall County Landfill, what roadways will require milling or/ and is this from milling the patches?  All millings for this project are to be hauled to the Hall County Landfill.  This includes any/all roads that will have patching prior to resurfacing and any roads that may have edge milling along the curb line or be completely milled out before resurfacing.  

19)  As well, there is a Milling pay item for 5,000 Square Yards, is this the only amount  wanted to be hauled to the Hall County Landfill?  See respond on question 18.

20) The pay item for Driveway Concrete, 6 inch thick, is there a specified driveway requiring replacing ? if yes, what road is it located on? The driveway concrete line item is for any driveways that may receive damage during the resurfacing process and would need to have concrete repair work performed.

21) With the answer about Milling, if every road which has curb and gutter has edge milling to keep asphalt out of the gutter, and all roads with NO curb and gutter are milled full width, it appears 5,000 SY quantity is very low?

22) Can you clarify what roads will be milled and how the milling pay item will be paid? The milling line item is for miscellaneous milling only, such as edge milling along curb line and milling for intersection tie-ins.  Milling that will occur for during the patching process is to be considered as part of the patching line item pricing.

23) With approximately, 53,000 tons of asphalt needing to be installed (at least half that tonnage to be milled and hauled off) with Final Stripes at the end of the paving season, would the County look into extending the overall completion 6 months to June 2022? This would be a more opportune conditions to complete the Work. An equal time      extension will be considered based off of weather and other circumstances. 

 24) I see a pay item for Leveling what roads and at what rate will this be placed? All roads are to be considered for leveling and the spread rate is 55lbs/sy.

All other terms and conditions remain the same. 


Hall County Board of Commissioners

Debra Howington, Buyer

Publication Date/Time:
7/1/2021 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
Addendum 1
Bid Opening Information:
Friday, July 30, 2021
Addendum Date/Time:
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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