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Regular Homestead Exemption Application

    THIS FORM IS FOR REGULAR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION ONLY. If you are applying for a Homestead Exemption that is related to age or income, you must come to the Tax Assessor's Office at 2875 Browns Bridge Road and apply. You cannot apply online for exemptions where proof of age or income is required. In such cases you must apply in person. Please call 770-531-6720 if you have questions. Please fill out all information below to qualify for Regular Homestead Exemption. Missing information may delay or disqualify you from submitting this request online. You may optionally submit a signed form in person or by mail. The below application is for Regular Homestead Exemption only. April 1 is the deadline for filing Homestead Exemption in the Tax Assessor's Office for the current tax year. You must be living on the property as of January 1 to qualify. Homestead Exemption applications may be filed at any time of year.
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