Can I have a "Happy Hour" at my restaurant?
Currently Hall County Code does not authorize any special pricing of alcoholic beverages at a certain time such as "Happy Hour."

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1. Who can apply for an alcohol beverage license?
2. What type of alcohol licenses does Hall County allow?
3. Why can I not sell distilled spirits by the package?
4. Are there age requirements to hold an alcohol beverage license?
5. Are there citizenship requirements?
6. Are there residency requirements?
7. What happens if the license holder is not a permenent resident of Hall County?
8. I have a criminal history. May I apply for an alcohol license?
9. What if my employees have a criminal history?
10. What is the legal age to purchase alcohol? What happens if I sell to a minor?
11. Do my employees have to be 21 to sell alcohol?
12. Are there any other required licenses or permits before I can get my Hall County Alcohol License?
13. Can I begin selling alcohol once I have my Hall County Alcoholic Beverage License?
14. Can I obtain an Alcohol License if my business is located close to a church or school?
15. What is the difference between "consumption on the premesis" and "package" licenses?
16. Are there time limits on selling or serving alcohol?
17. Can I sell alcoholic beverages on Sundays?
18. Can I sell alcoholic beverages on Christmas Day?
19. Can I sell alcoholic beverages on Christmas Eve?
20. Can I sell alcohol on Election Day?
21. Can any restaurant have a consumption license?
22. Can I have a package store?
23. Can I buy alcoholic beverages at wholesale stores like Sam's, BJ's, or Costco and resell them in my business?
24. If I own more than 1 business that sells alcoholic, may I transport alcohol from 1 of my businesses to another?
25. I have limited storage space at my business. Can I store my alcoholic beverages somewhere else and then bring it into my store as I need to?
26. Can customers in my restaurant bring their own beer or "brown bag"?
27. Can I have a "Happy Hour" at my restaurant?
28. I don't have an Alcoholic Beverage License, but I want to have a public customer appreciation party. May I give away alcoholic beverages?
29. Does my Alcoholic Beverage License expire? If so, when does it have to be renewed?
30. If the license holder, managing agent, or registered agent ceases to work for the business, or in any way ceases to qualify to be the agent, how long do I have to let you know and to make the change?