What are some signs of a potential methamphetamine lab?
Individuals who possess precursors for clandestine methamphetamine production such as: ephedrine or pseudoephedrine tablets (cold or sinus tablets), red devil lye (drain cleaner), muriatic acid, red phosphorous, anhydrous ammonia, plastic tubing, propane tanks which might have a bluish discoloration around the valve, laboratory type glassware, odors coming from the residence or location which have a chemical smell such ammonia, either, or cat urine, and lastly the production or accumulation of refuse which might include excessive amounts of cold blister packs (packages which contained ephedrine tablets), stained coffee filters, battery casings, discarded propane tanks with blue discoloration, etc.

While most of these items in and of themselves are not illegal to possess, accumulation of these items, particularly in abundance or when purchased or kept together, are signs of clandestine methamphetamine production.

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