What are warning signs that my teenager might be abusing drugs?
  • At home: Loss of Interest in family activities, disrespect for family members or family rules, withdrawn from their responsibilities, verbally or physically abusive, sudden increase or decrease in their appetite, disappearance of valuable items or money, not coming home on time, constant excuses for their bad behavior, spending a lot of time in their room, finding the following: cigarette rolling papers, pipes, small glass vials, plastic baggies, remnants of drugs (residual amounts of marijuana, seeds partially burned marijuana cigarettes "roaches", as well as unknown pills, or residual amounts of methamphetamine or cocaine)
  • At school: Sudden drop in grades, sleeping during class, not doing homework, defiance towards authority, reduced memory and/or attention span, poor attitude towards sports or other extracurricular activities
  • Physical and emotional signs: changes friends, odor of alcohol or marijuana on breath or person, mood swings, unhappy and depressed, negative, argumentative, paranoid, confused, destructive or anxious. Sloppy in appearance

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