How and when are Sheriff's Sales conducted?

Sheriff's Sales are held the 1st Tuesday of the month, unless that day falls on a national holiday and then it is held on the day following the 1st Tuesday of the month. We do not always have something to sell. You can check on Sheriff's Sales in The Gainesville Times.

When there is a sale, it is held in the Commission Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of the Hall County Government Center, located at 2875 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville. Sometimes a sale is held at a different location. If there is a different location, the complete address of the location where the sale will occur will be listed in the ad.

Unlike many retail stores, you can not return anything purchased at a Sheriff's Sale. Therefore all sales are final. You must pay with either cash or a cashier's check (official bank check). Unless you present a State of Georgia Sales Tax Exemption form at the time you make a purchase, you will be charged sales tax on all personal products. Sales tax on vehicles is based on where the purchaser lives, not the county where the vehicle is sold. There is no sales tax on real property (real estate).

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