Solicitor of State Court


225 Green St. SE
1st Floor
Gainesville, GA 30501



Link: Solicitor of State Court

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Woodard, Stephanie Solicitor-General 770-531-7012  
Brown, Susan Operations Manager 770-535-8262  
Daniel, Michelle Executive Assistant 770-538-5377  
Torres, Jennifer Intake Supervisor 770-538-5326  
Banks, Cynetia PTD Program Administrator 770-533-7808  
Myers, Michelle Victim Services Coordinator 770-538-5351  
Thompson, Stephanie Chief Assistant Solicitor-General 770-538-5319  

State Court Division N - Judge B.E. Roberts, III 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Azcoita, Eric Attorney 770-538-5387  
Carrillo, Lisette Paralegal 770-538-5302  
Ibarra, Maria Victim Advocate 770-538-5378  
Foster, Colin Attorney 770-538-5325  
Ledbetter, Andrew Investigator 770-538-5301  
Wood, Destany Paralegal 770-538-5379  

State Court Division Z - Judge Larry Baldwin, II 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Batchelor, Amanda Victim Advocate 770-538-5380  
Jackson, Brooke Attorney 770-538-5310  
Johnson, Raven Teal Paralegal 770-538-5317  
Kane, Dalton Attorney 770-535-9701  
Miller, Lynn Paralegal 770-538-5388  
Schreiner, Chandra Investigator 770-538-5316  

State Court Division D - Judge John Breakfield 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cleveland, Shaina Victim Advocate 770-718-3240  
Jephter, Kingsley Attorney 770-535-9700  
Moorehead, Daniel Paralegal 770-535-8265  
Soto, Mary Paralegal 770-533-7807