Planning and Development


2875 Browns Bridge Road
Gainesville, GA 30504-5635


Link: Planning and Development

Name Title Email Phone
McQuade, Sarah Acting Director 770-531-6809

Building Inspections Division 
Link: Building Inspections Division

Name Title Email Phone
Carver, Lamar Chief Building Official 770-297-2332
Adkins, Annette Building Inspector 770-297-2302
Cochran, Brad Building Inspector 770-297-2327
Jernigan, Chris Building Inspector 770-297-2632
Estelle, John Commercial Building Inspector 770-297-2331
Pierce, Peggy Building Inspection Manager 770-297-2339
Coyle, Susan Permit Specialist 770-297-2301
Leyva, Daisy Permit Specialist 770 297-2611

Business License Division 
Link: Business License Division

Name Title Email Phone
Rector, Susan Director 770-531-6815
Smith, Brandi Licensing Specialist 770-531-6815
Guitron, Pamela Secretary 770-531-6815

GIS Division 
Link: GIS Division

Name Title Email Phone
Lane, Mark GIS Manager 770-531-6809
Budd, Jim GIS Database Administrator 770-531-6809
Evans, Rebecca GIS Analyst – Addressing Coordinator 770-531-6809

Long Range Planning Division 
Link: Long Range Planning Division

Name Title Email Phone
McQuade, Sarah Planning Manager 770-297-5544
Garmon, Beth Senior Planner 770-297-5542
Greenway, Katie Planner I 770-533-7854
Foster, Vanessa Civil Engineer II 770-297-2649
Turner, Charles Civil Engineer II 770-533-7834
Visi, Kayla Administrative Secretary 770-531-6809
Ogletree, Laura Planning Commission Clerk 770-531-6810