Short Term Rental Properties

Short term rentals in Hall County, Georgia are defined as residential spaces rented out for overnight accommodations for a period of 2 to 30 nights. Short term rentals are permitted in all residential zoning districts.

Access the Short Term Rental Owner Guidebook (PDF).

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Why are there regulations for short term rentals?

The growing shared economy of homeowners renting their residences has led to an abundance of available options in the short term housing market. This rapid growth has also caused a flood of regulatory issues, neighbor complaints and safety concerns.

Communities like ours have developed common-sense regulations allowing property owners to continue to make ends meet by sharing their homes while addressing challenges and abuses through effective, fully funded enforcement.

Thankfully, citizens like you see the value in a coordinated effort where we can maintain our quality of life while also offering small businesses a chance to grow.

Take these 4 steps to operate a short term rental property:

  1. The first stop will be to visit the Business License Department to fill out the Short Term Rental Business License application.
  2. Once instructed by Business License, visit the Planning Department to obtain zoning verification.
  3. If verified by Planning, visit the Building Inspection Department to request an inspection of your property($75) and the Fire Marshal's Office (if occupancy is 16 or more.) These inspections are usually conducted within a week.
  4. Complete the process with the Business License Department by obtaining your business license which will include registering your business with the IRS, obtaining a sales tax number and completing the license registration form.

Business License Approval Process Diagram image

How do I report a complaint?

To report a complaint you can call our 24 hour hotline at 770-637-6647. The hotline will document the complaint and contact the Local Contact Person to help resolve the concern. If the complaint is not resolved within one (1) hour of being notified the short term rental may be issued a violation.

You may also report a concern online. Please note that responses to the online complaint form are not immediate and if you have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, you should call the 24 hour hotline: 770-637-6647.