Grants Division

Division Information

Hall County’s Grant Division pursues grants from Federal, State and private sources to leverage the County’s budget and to provide programs and projects that benefit Hall County. The division provides assistance with researching grant opportunities, grant writing and grant reporting and management. We are continually working with Hall County staff to develop high quality, well prepared grant proposals to support the Community’s vision and further Hall County’s goals.

Hall County’s Grants

Hall County receives an average of 15 grants annually from the Federal, State and private sources. The total amount of grant funding awarded varies annually. Grant funds are used to provide a variety of programs and services such as:

  • Road and bridge improvements
  • Equipment and staffing assistance for law enforcement
  • Homeland security and emergency response activities
  • Court administration and prevention programs
  • Traffic safety improvements
  • Park and recreation facilities and equipment

If your organization has grant funds available that might be of interest to Hall County or its citizens, please email the Hall County Grants Division or call 770-535-8274.

Hall County has reviewed the Department of Community Affairs' analysis of impediments and is providing the following link for review:

A flyer advertising free legal advice at the Hall County Courthouse.

Hall County Housing & Community Grants

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