Highlands to Islands Trail

The Highlands to Islands multi-use trail is part of a 15 mile loop trail system that will ultimately connect downtown Gainesville Square and Rock Creek Greenway to the UNG Gainesville Campus.  Hall County will construct the Highlands to Islands trail in two (2) phases.

Phase I consists of a 11 foot wide concrete path beginning approximately 1,050 feet south of the intersection of Atlanta highway (SR 13) and Tumbling Creek Road, running along the easterly side of Atlanta Highway and terminating at Palmour Drive.  Phase I was completed and opened to the public in April 2016.

Phase II will consists of the construction of a pedestrian tunnel traversing under and perpendicular to Atlanta Highway.  The tunnel will connect to the trail (Phase I) and will terminate near the Department of Labor facility.  The tunnel has a projected construction date of September 2016 and a completion date of early 2017.

Future considerations are Trailheads with parking and rest areas.


Highlands to Islands Trail will be funded by the following:

  • Local - SPLOST
  • State and Federal - Transportation Enhancement Grant (TE) and Local Maintenance Improvement Grand (LMIG)
Highland to Islands map
Highlands to Islands infographics