Domestic Violence Resources

The following resources are available to domestic violence victims in Hall County:

Ahimsa House -- a domestic violence resource for victims with pets.

Georgia Commission on Family Violence -- coordinates community efforts statewide to support families affected by domestic violence. They approve the Family Violence Intervention Programs often ordered by the courts. If ordered to attend a program through either a Temporary Protective Order or a criminal sentence, attendance is required to be at one of the state certified programs.  There are also links to many other resources for families struggling with a family violence like murder/suicide.

Georgia Domestic Violence Hotline -- statewide advocacy group that supports victims of intimate partner violence and the people who love/support them.

Georgia Food Bank -- a local resource for those needing assistance with food.

Georgia Legal Aid -- a resource for accessing basic legal information and legal resources in Georgia.

Hall County Solicitor’s Office -- the Solicitor's Office offers a Victim's Assistance Program to ensure crime victims are aware of their rights, along with providing information of available resources and compensation. A brochure on the Solicitor's Office is also available.

National Domestic Violence Hotline -- a national hotline for domestic violence.

Restraining Orders -- information on restraining orders.

Stalking Resources -- a resource for stalking victims.

Victims Connect Resources --  a referral helpline where crime victims can learn about their rights and options confidentially and compassionately. This includes traditional phone services, a chat bot and web-based referral services.

Victim Resources, United Way -- a website for connecting victims with the resources they need.

Stop Domestic Abuse