Training & Professional Development

Deputy Chief Woodward is a decorated Marine Veteran with 27 years’ fire service experience. Tim has a deep sense of service.  Tim rose up through the ranks and retired as a fire division chief of training in an All Hazards Department. He has deployed and managed specialized teams such as Hazardous Materials, Water Rescue, USAR and Wildland Firefighting during numerous natural and manmade disaster situations.

He has additional experiences as a Leadership Consultant helping fire departments and Fortune 100 Corporations across the nation refine the way they do business by providing leadership and chaos management training.

Tim has a deep passion for public service, and has dedicated himself as a leader and instructor to be a positive influence the fire service at the national level. Serving as an instructor in the Managing Officer Program and Incident Management curricula of the National Fire Academy, Tim teaches nearly 40 classes a year across the nation. Tim is also a subject matter expert for the National Fire Academy responsible for curriculum evaluation and development. He is dedicated to providing the greatest learning opportunities he can for those within our profession and to our Hall County team.