Civil Service Board


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  • Hall County Government Center
    2875 Browns Bridge Road
    2nd Floor Commission Meeting Room
    Gainesville, GA 30504

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The Civil Service Board of Hall County was established by constitutional amendment in November 1968 and administers a personnel program under which Hall County employees shall be selected on a basis of merit and demonstrated fitness. The functions of the Civil Service board are to:

  • Act as an employee appeals board
  • Advise the Board of Commissioners and Hall County administration regarding the implementation of personnel policies and procedures

The Hall County Board of Commissioners shall select an independent, impartial attorney who has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia for at least five (5) years to serve as Administrative Hearing Officer in matters for which a hearing is allowed under Section IV. The Administrative Hearing Officer shall not be a current or former employee of Hall County and shall receive such per diem compensation, if any, as deemed appropriate by the Hall County Board of Commissioners. The Administrative Hearing Officer shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners of Hall County.

The duties of the Administrative Hearing Officer shall include: 

  1. To conduct hearings and render decisions on charges preferred against persons employed in the several departments and offices included in said Civil Service System and to hear appeals from any employee included in the Civil Service System who claims to have been improperly suspended without pay, demoted, or dismissed. All testimony before the hearing officer shall be transcribed, rendered under oath or affirmation, by oral testimony, depositions, or interrogatories, and with the right of cross examination. All decisions of the hearing officer shall be entered into a written record which shall be open to inspection by the public during regular office hours. The authority of the hearing officer while hearing employee appeals shall be limited to determining if management's decision is supported by the evidence, lies within the lawful discretion of management, and is consistent with County policies and procedures.
  2. The Administrative Hearing Officer shall keep and maintain an accurate written record of his/her hearings and proceedings and shall be furnished clerical assistance by the governing authority to keep and maintain his/her records.
  3. The Administrative Hearing Officer shall be authorized to make recommendations as to amendments, additions to, and changes in the Hall County Government Employee's Handbook and Policy Guidelines from time to time, and when said amendments, changes, or additions are adopted by the governing authority of Hall County, said amendments shall have the force of law and be binding on all parties affected by said Civil Service System.

It shall be the duty, function and responsibility of the Administrative Hearing Officer to represent the interest of the public in the improvement of personnel administration and the selection and retention of qualified personnel. All hearings before the Administrative Hearing Officer shall be open and held in offices provided, therefore, by the governing authority of Hall County. The governing authority of said County is hereby authorized to provide necessary clerical assistance to the Administrative Hearing Officer. Said Administrative Hearing Officer shall conduct scheduled hearings, and may hold additional hearings as may be required for the proper discharge of his/her duties.

The Civil Service Board has the final authority within Hall County to hear a grievance brought by an employee to protest adverse action that impacts employment status or compensation. The board determines:

  • If management's decision is supported by the evidence
  • If it lies within the lawful discretion of management
  • If it is consistent with Hall County policies and practices