District Attorney's Office

Duties & Responsibilities
The District Attorney represents the citizens of Hall County in the prosecution of all criminal cases in a manner which best protects the public and best preserves justice for each citizen. The prosecution of any criminal case includes:
  • The presentation of a criminal case to the Grand Jury
  • The litigation of a criminal case starting from the time of arrest of an accused throughout the appellate process conducted in each case
Drug Court
The Hall County Drug Court program has been in existence since February 2001 and currently has approximately 140 participants. The program combines weekly court reviews with multiple drug screens and treatment groups per week. The program has graduated 159 participants with a recidivism rate of just 5% with 24 drug-free babies born.

The Dawson County DUI Court program is a mandatory multi-level offender program where treatment is coupled with random drug and alcohol screens as well as frequent home visits.

For more information, visit the Drug Court page.

HELP Court
In addition to regular case load duties, 1 assistant district attorney is assigned to assist in Health Empowerment Linkage and Possibilities (HELP) Court. HELP Court is a program that provides a linkage between defendants with mental health issues and resources in the community. The community-based services in conjunction with a HELP Court case manager, assist the defendant in treating and coping with his/her mental illness in a positive fashion.

The program also enables lower-risk mentally ill defendants (who are often indigent) to be released from jail on a small or O/R bond while in the HELP Court program, thus reducing taxpayer expense in keeping these individuals in jail pretrial. HELP Court handles misdemeanors and felonies, however, the program does not accept participants charged with sexual offenses or serious violent crimes.

In recognition of the progress in the graduates of the program, the District Attorney’s Office reduced or dismissed some criminal charges, or, alternatively, recommended a less severe sentence in exchange for a guilty plea to the crime charged. Thus far, the recidivism rate among HELP Court graduates is extremely low at 4.5%.

For more information, visit the HELP Court page.

Juvenile Court
The Juvenile Court prosecutes juveniles up to the age of 17 charged with delinquent activity and up to the age of 18 charged with unruly activity (runaway, ungovernable) who are charged with criminal activity. In Hall County, the District Attorney supervises 2 assistant district attorneys, 1 investigator, and 1 victim/witness advocate or administrator assigned to the Juvenile Division. The focus of Juvenile Court is to supervise, treat and rehabilitate youth and is on a much faster track than Superior Court.

For more information, visit the Juvenile Court page.

Pretrial Diversion
The Hall County Pretrial Diversion Program is a 6-month program for some 1st-time offenders charged with minor-property crimes. The program was created as an alternative to Hall County’s usual criminal procedure. It gives a limited 1st-time offender the opportunity to go through the program, but only with the consent and cooperation of the alleged victim.

Satisfactory completion of the program will result in the offender’s case being dismissed or Nolle Prosequied (no conviction ever being entered). Those cases accepted into the program are removed from the court calendars; therefore, the judge and assistant district attorneys can turn their attention toward the more serious cases.

For more information, visit the Pretrial Diversion page.