Drug Court

About the Court
As the first accountability court program in Hall County, Drug Court began in 2001 to provide early intervention to those with substance abuse issues. It is our goal to provide the necessary structure and treatment which addresses these issues so our graduates can lead productive and meaningful lives. By utilizing a treatment model for rehabilitation, we not only restore the lives of our participants but strengthen their families and our community, as a whole.

Court Goals
The Hall County Drug Court mission is to make drug offenders accountable for their actions by bringing about a behavioral change that reduces criminal recidivism and provides the tools and resources needed to stop the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. The goals of this court are to:
  • Protect the public
  • Treat the victims of offenders in a fair, just way
  • Educate the public as to the benefits of Drug Courts for the communities that they serve
Program Phases
The program is a minimum of 24 months in duration and consists of 5 phases. It encompasses vocational, educational, and spiritual components in conjunction with providing substance abuse treatment.
  • Phase 1 provides an orientation to treatment along with urine drug screens, breathalyzers, and weekly court appearances.
  • Phase 2 provides alternatives to criminal and addictive thinking with continued urine drug screens, breathalyzers, and weekly court appearances.
  • Phase 3 provides more specific treatment protocols along with urine drug screens, breathalyzers, and biweekly court.
  • Phase 4 is a transition phase and allows the client to act as a mentor for clients in Phase 1. Urine drug screens and breathalyzers continue as do court appearances every other week.
  • Phase 5 is the aftercare phase.
Program Requirements
The participant will be required to:
  • Attend group counseling sessions
  • Submit to urine drug screens and breathalyzers as scheduled
  • Attend court once a month
Individualized Program Tracks
In order to meet the individualized needs of the participants in the program, Drug Court is divided into 4 tracks:
  • Dependency Track
  • Early Intervention / Abuse Track
  • Felony Probation Track
  • Young Adult Track