Correctional Institute

The Hall County Correctional Institute serves to meet the workforce needs of the county and cities while fulfilling an obligation to the Georgia Department of Corrections by providing safe and secure housing for inmates in compliance with applicable policies. Under contract with the Georgia Department of Corrections, the institution houses 200 inmates, and in return, the state pays Hall County $22 per day, per inmate, or approximately $1.6 million annually.

Labor Force

Hall County Correctional Institution provides an inmate labor force to the county its cities and other government agencies, thereby providing a workforce at a significant savings. Some 40 to 50 inmate details work daily for county departments, including Parks and Leisure, Road Maintenance, Resource Recovery and Solid Waste, as well as Gainesville City Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments, performing a multitude of job tasks. In 2022, work details performed an estimated $2.9 million in free labor for the county.

Re-entry Accountability Court Transition (REACT)

In 2014, the Correctional Institution began an innovative re-entry program (REACT) which provides an opportunity for Hall and Dawson residents returning to the area from state prison to get intensive programming, educational upgrades, and employment prior to their release on parole or probation.

The REACT program is set up for only those offenders that will be returning to the Northeastern Judicial Circuit (Hall or Dawson Counties). The program cannot accept those offenders returning to other counties. The program is ideally targeted to bring in those offenders that have two to three years left on their sentence. The program is targeted towards drug offenders and/or non-violent offenders, but will consider anyone who is county camp eligible. County Camp eligible means less than thirteen years left on their sentence, no sex offenders, no serious violent offenders, no serious medical issues, no mental health issues and no escape charges in the past five years.

Each offender assigned to the REACT program has completed a risk and needs assessment program plan. Based on this assessment, each offender is placed on a track to complete the following programs which address the needs unique to that offender. The REACT program has the following classes available: Motivation for change (M4C), Re-Entry, Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), Resident Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT), General Educational Development (GED), Adult Basic Education (ABE), Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA), Celebrate Recovery, Financial Peace, Georgia's Best (Workforce Development Skills), Welding Certificate Program, as well as mentoring programs.

The REACT program provides participants with a transitional center facility in an effort to more easily facilitate their re-entry into the community. The goal of the program while they are at the transitional center is to get the offender employed in a job that will provide them with a living wage as well as benefits. The transitional center holds the offender responsible for rent, transportation costs, laundry, and many other personal responsibilities.

The goal of the program is to increase public safety,reduce government costs, reduce recidivism, and foster partnerships that will support the offender's transition back into the community. The program aims to return the offender to the community as a productive and law-abiding citizen. Email Administrator of REACT Program.

PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Hall County Correctional Institution has a zero tolerance policy toward sexual abuse, sexual harassment and sexual activity involving offenders. In accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) and in accordance with Georgia Department of Corrections policies and procedures, Hall County Correctional Institution will maintain its zero tolerance policy through identification, prevention and intervention methods while working to provide the safest and most secure environment possible.

Anyone may report allegations of sexual abuse or harassment to any security staff member, civilian employee, volunteer or contractor. We will accept all reports made in person, by phone, or in writing even if the party making the report wishes to remain anonymous.

Offenders may report abuse by calling *7732 from any offender phone (You do not have to enter a PIN).

Anyone else may report abuse by calling 1-888-992-7849, Georgia Department of Corrections PREA Hotline, from any phone. Anyone else may also report the abuse by calling the Hall County Correctional Institute directly at 770-718-2370.

Anyone may report in writing to one of the following:

  • Warden Walt Davis or PREA Compliance Coordinator, Captain Mark Pilgrim
    1698 Barber Road, Gainesville, GA 30507
  • Statewide PREA Coordinator
    300 Patrol Road
    Forsyth, GA 31029
  • Ombudsman
    PO Box 1529
    Forsyth, GA 31029
  • Director of Victim Services
    2 MLK Jr. Dr. SE Suite 458 East Tower
    Atlanta, GA 30334

It is critical that we receive enough information to initiate an investigation. Please provide as much information as you can from the below list:

  • Name and location of people involved (victim and abuser);
  • Name or others involved (witnesses, etc.);
  • Date, time and location where the alleged occurred;
  • Brief description of incident;
  • Your contact information name, phone number (This information is optional)

The Hall County Correctional Institute will not tolerate retaliation toward anyone who makes a sexual abuse allegation in good faith or who participates in an investigation, and will punish anyone found to be participating in this behavior or act. More information concerning the Prison Rape Elimination Act can be found at the National PREA Resource Center.