Guardianship is of the person and conservatorship is of the property. The most restrictive guardianship is a guardianship and conservatorship without any limits on the powers of the guardian / conservator.

To learn more about guardianships and the appointment process, please visit the Guardianship page.

Decision-Making Rights

A conservatorship can take away a person's right to:

  • Decide to bring and defend actions in court
  • Make contracts
  • Buy and sell property
  • Enter into business and commercial transactions

Since the Probate Court should remove as few rights as possible, it is essential that any action be specific as to what is needed.

Apply for Conservatorship Appointment

To apply, view the Georgia Probate Standard Forms page to the necessary forms and steps.

Alternative Options

There may be alternatives that you can see rather than a guardianship or conservatorship. Please review the Guardianship and its Alternatives in Georgia Brochure from the Georgia Advocacy Office for more information.