Georgia Weapons Carry License

  1. Scam Warning

    Hall County Probate Court will not text you regarding your Georgia Weapons Carry License. Be aware that there is currently a nationwide scam text/email campaign urging you to get your concealed carry permit before it's too late. The texts/emails did not originate from Hall County Probate Court. We do not know where the senders got their phone/email list, but it was not from Hall County Probate Court as many recipients are not residents of Hall County or Georgia. You should be cautious about clicking links in text messages unless you fully trust the source of that message.


Hall County residents who are at least 21 years old may apply for a Weapons Carry License at the Hall County Probate Court. Residents between the ages of 18 to 20 years old with certain military training may also apply. Please see a clerk for further details.

For a list of reasons you may not be eligible to receive a Georgia Weapons Carry License, see The Official Code of Georgia Annotated 16-11-129(b) and 16-11-129(d)(4).

Concealed Weapon or Firearm Laws

Please be aware that use of a concealed weapon or firearm is regulated by other provisions of Georgia Law. You may wish to review O.C.G.A. § 16-11-126 through 16-11-135 for more information.


Type of Fee
Cost Payment Type
Original License $78.25 Cash, Local Check, or Credit Card (With Service Charge Fee) on or after August 1, 2020
Renewal License


Cash, Local Check, or Credit Card (With Service Charge Fee)
Replacement of Lost or Stolen Card or Change of Address
$6 Cash, Local Check, or Credit Card (With Service Charge Fee)

Application Process

Learn about the process on how to apply for a Georgia Weapons Carry License and how long it will take to obtain your license.

Application Process page

Renewal Process

Learn about the process for renewing your Georgia Weapons Carry License with Hall County.

Renewal Process page

Change of Address

If your address changes during the time your Weapons Carry License is valid, you must change the address on your license by going to the Probate Court in the county that issued your license. If Hall County Probate Court issued your license, you can get the address changed by visiting Hall County Probate Court. You should bring with you:

  • Valid government issued photo ID (GA Drivers License) with your new address on it.
  • Reprint fee of $6.00 (cash, local check, or credit card with service fee).

If you have moved to Hall County and have a license issued by one of the other 158 counties in Georgia, you must return to that county to change your address. You must appear in person for this process and you must turn in your old license to the court before you will be given a new one, pursuant to Georgia law.