Misdemeanor Probation Office

Effective March 31, 2020, we will no longer have in-office reporting due to our statewide emergency. You will need to report to your Probation Officer via email or phone until further notice. We will only be accepting in-office payments at this time.

Please review our Hours of Operation and Contact Information for additional information.


Hall County Probation Services was created to hold misdemeanor probationers accountable to the courts and the community for the criminal sentence they received. The 3 points of accountability are:

  • Obligations to the community
  • Obligations to the courts
  • Obligations to yourself
A flow chart showing the probationers obligations to yourself, the community and the courts

Paying Back the Community

This is accomplished by focusing on community safety and working with the probationer to restore them to a law abiding status. Probationers are offered the opportunity to live and work in the community while addressing their needs and paying back the community in a number of ways. Community repayment varies and can include court fines, crime victim fund contributions, and community service. Probation is a privilege granted by the court as an alternative to jail time.

Probation Office Payments

Make your payments to the Hall County Probation Services Office. Money order payments can be mailed to P.O. Drawer 1435 Gainesville, GA 30503. No personal checks accepted.

Community Service

View Community Service Options (PDF).