Jury Duty & Courts Division

About the Division

The Jury Duty and Courts division works in conjunction with the Council of Superior Court Clerks to add and/or delete jurors from the jury pool and update traverse and grand jury pools annually.

Duties & Responsibilities

This division is responsible for managing all aspects of the jury selection process for trial and grand jurors. The duties of this division include:

  • Mailing summons to jurors when a list is drawn
  • Checking jurors in as they appear for service
  • Preparing and managing of jury strike lists and questionnaires for attorneys
  • Swearing an oath to jurors,
  • Reading verdicts,
  • Postponing jury service,
  • Excusing jurors with a legal reason,
  • Keeping up with the number of days a juror serves
  • Preparing and mailing checks to jurors after their service has concluded

Coordinating With Other Courts & News Sources

Jury Clerks report to the Superior Court and State Court judges all necessary information regarding jurors before, during, and after jury trial weeks. A jury list is sent to the local media approximately 1 week before they report. This division also mans the receipt room outside the state courtroom and receipts monies for fines imposed by the judge following a courtroom appearance.

Did you receive a Summons for Jury Duty?


If you received a jury summons, you have been randomly selected to exercise your rights as a citizen of the United States to deliberate impartially and reach a fair verdict for a trial if selected to serve. You MUST show up for jury duty. The court will make some exceptions for people who suffer undue hardship or other extreme inconveniences as a result of being summoned.

Calling for Instructions

Summoned jurors MUST call the juror information line at (770) 531-7030 after 6 p.m. on the FRIDAY before your DESIGNATED reporting date for recorded instructions. There will be updates concerning your service. Your summons number and date to report are located on the FRONT of your summons. Listen very carefully to this message as jurors will not be compensated for reporting on any day the phone message instructs them not to report. If you are required to report, please come to the Hall County Courthouse, 225 Green Street SE, to the Jury Assembly Room, on the date and at the time as instructed by the juror information line. We suggest you come early to allow yourself ample time to park in the parking deck. This will enable you to be in the assembly room at your designated time.

For any questions regarding your service, please call (770) 531-7048.

Information Form for Traverse/Grand Jurors

Jurors that receive a summons are requested to fill out and return the "Information Form for Traverse/Grand Jurors" as quickly as possible to ensure that our office has your correct information.

Jurors may now fill out the information form online using our new eJuror Portal.

Jury Selection Process Video

Ensuring Fairplay the American Way

"Ensuring Fairplay the American Way" is a brief video detailing the jury selection process. It explains the vital importance of the constitutional mandate of a jury trial to the American justice system. It features interviews with three Supreme Court justices and three former Georgia jurors. The video is produced by the State Bar of Georgia, an organization dedicated to the promise of "justice for all."

Visit State Bar of Georgia website.