Online Traffic Ticket Payments

Payment Options & Fees

You can now pay your traffic fines and Department of Natural Resources fines securely online using a credit or debit card (A convenience fee will be applied).

To choose this optional payment method have your citation number, your state driver's license number, and your credit or debit card number.

The Criminal Division employee helps a customer at the front desk

Convenience Fees & Accepted Payment Types

Convenience fees will apply for online payments. These fees are imposed and collected by Incorporated for the use of the service and do not go to Hall County Government. Credit/Debit cards accepted are Visa® or MasterCard®.

Citation Numbers

Your citation number is the number shown on your citation in the upper right corner. The wording may appear slightly different depending on which agency issued your citation, but the citation number will always be in the upper right corner. Example of a citation number found on a Georgia Uniform Traffic Citation

Privacy & Protection

Hall County does not collect personal or financial information through the payment interface, and abides by all provisions of the Privacy Policy.

Adjustments, Errors or Warrants

Not all offenses are eligible to be paid online. In certain cases, valid registration or licensing may result in an adjustment to your fine amount. If you believe an error or adjustment needs to be addressed, you may contact the Clerk's Office at 770-531-7066 or visit the office in person. You cannot pay your fine online if you have missed your court date AND a warrant has already been issued. You must call the Clerk's Office for payment options.

Lost Your Citation Copy?

You can call or visit the Clerk's Office for information regarding court dates, citation numbers, and other similar questions. if you have lost your copy of the actual citation issued, please have your state driver's license number, approximate date of citation, and other personal identity information available when you call or visit.

Acknowledgment & Acceptance

Use of the online payment portal requires Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher with Javascript enabled. 3rd-party security software/firewalls or custom browser security option settings may interfere with this payment process. If you have problems completing your payments online, you may try temporarily disabling your personal security/firewall software and returning Internet Explorer security settings to default.

By submitting your traffic violation payment online you hereby enter your electronic, rather than personal appearance in the court case resulting from the violation charged on the written citation, of which you have received a copy. You understand that by paying your fine and not personally appearing before the court you are waiving any right that you might have had to a trial by judge or jury and to be represented by counsel. You further understand that by paying the fine, you have pled guilty to the offense as charged.

Pay Your Traffic Ticket Online