Criminal Division

About the Division

The Criminal Division is responsible for filing and processing misdemeanor and felony criminal cases for Superior and State Courts. This division answers the main telephone line for the Clerk's Office and routes calls to the various divisions in the office.

Reporting to Other Agencies

The Criminal Division reports dispositions electronically to the Department of Driver Services and the Georgia Crime Information Center and prepares reports for various state agencies including the:

  • Georgia Department of Corrections
  • Elections Division
  • Sex Offender Registration Review Board

Duties & Responsibilities

Other duties include processing:

  • Faxing or mailing copies and certified copies to individuals or other agencies
  • Grand Jury Presentments
  • Processing bond forfeitures
  • Processing record restrictions
  • Receipting cash bonds
  • Receipting fines and costs

In-Office Payments

Valid government issued identification must be presented in order to make a payment in-office. In-office payment options for "non-court appearance only" misdemeanor charges include:

  • Cash 1
  • Certified bank check
  • Money order
  • Visa® or MasterCard® (A convenience fee will be applied) 2

1. If a payment is to be made in the form of change, the change must be rolled in clear coin wrappers in order to facilitate efficient operations in the office. 

2. Convenience fees will apply for payments made by card. These fees are imposed and collected by eZCourtPay, LLC for the use of the service and do not go to Hall County Government. Credit/Debit cards accepted are Visa® or MasterCard®.