Criminal Investigation Units

The investigators in the Criminal Investigations Division are divided into 2 geographic units.

North Precinct

The team is responsible for cases originating in the northern half of Hall County and works out of the administrative headquarters at 2859 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville.
Patrol Districts

South Precinct

The team is responsible for cases originating in the southern half of Hall County and operates out of the South Precinct at 7345 Cody Drive near Friendship Road and Spout Springs Road in Flowery Branch.

Crimes Investigated

Both units investigate crimes against persons such as physical assaults, domestic violence, threats, phone harassment, missing persons, stalking, rapes, murders, crimes against children, runaway / missing juveniles, and child exploitation. The majority of these cases are felonies, many of which are among the most sensitive cases investigated by law enforcement.

These types of cases are very time consuming to investigate and to prosecute. In most sex crimes, child cruelty, death investigation, assaults, and murder cases, numerous interviews and crime scene searches must be conducted. Search warrants, court orders, neighborhood canvass, and other investigative processes may also be necessary depending upon the individual case.

Additionally, both units investigate crimes against property such as burglary, theft, criminal damage, auto-theft, and any other crime involving property. The unit has investigators specially trained in the fields of tracking stolen vehicles as well as identity theft.

The investigators review police reports generated by patrol officers and help in developing leads in those cases. Many times a suspect is involved in more than one crime, and the investigator will attempt to link that suspect with any other crimes they may have been involved in. They also coordinate with investigators from other agencies in order to identify suspects and coordinate efforts across jurisdictional boundaries.