Special Investigations Unit

The investigators in the Special Investigations Unit (SIU)  are generally divided into three units.

Property Unit

This team is responsible for investigating crimes such as burglary, theft, criminal damage, auto theft and any other crime involving property. The unit has investigators specially trained in the fields of tracking stolen vehicles as well as identity theft. 

Property investigators review reports generated by patrol deputies and help in developing leads in those cases. In some instances, a suspect is involved in more than one crime, and investigators will look for links to other incidents. Property investigators also coordinate with investigators from other agencies to identify suspects and coordinate efforts across jurisdictions.

Vice & Narcotics Units

Personnel in vice investigate and solve crimes involving prostitution, gambling and illegal alcohol sales, among other offenses. Additionally, they are responsible for gathering and interpreting criminal intelligence information pertaining to the persons involved in these crimes.

Narcotics investigators are specially trained and focus their efforts on combating drug crimes, ranging from street-level sales and use, all the way through mid and upper-level drug trafficking organizations.