Scrap Tire Management

The management of scrap tires is now strictly controlled in Hall County as part of the statewide effort to clean up illegal tire dumps both large and small. In the past, tires were illegally disposed in ravines, gullies, or down road banks. Such illegal dumps are still seen today. However, they are on the decline, and you can help. What can you do with your scrap tires?

Tire Dealers

The best option is to leave the tires with your tire dealer. They will see that the tires are properly managed. They may be chipped for use as fuel for industrial boilers, drainage field aggregate in home septic systems or used in manufacture of rubber products. Tire retailers and the haulers that service them are highly regulated by the state and monitored locally by Hall County/Gainesville Enforcement Division to ensure compliance.

When you leave them with your dealer, chances are they will charge you a fee to help cover their costs. This charge usually ranges from $1.50 to $2 per tire. It's a small price to insure your tire will be disposed of properly and you don't have to lug it home or mess up your car doing so.

Candler Road Landfill

If you should decide to keep your tires and have the tire retailer load your used tires back into your car, you can choose to take them to the Hall County Candler Road Landfill. If you go this route, rest assured they will not be buried in the landfill. This is prohibited by state law. Instead they will be collected separately for recycling. Charges at the landfill vary by tire size as follows:

Less than 12 inches
$3 each (plus weight)
12 inches - 18 inches
$5 each (plus weight)
12 inches - 18 inches WITH RIM
$10 each (plus weight)
18 inches - 22 inches
$8 each (plus weight)
18 inches - 22 inches WITH RIM
$16 each (plus weight)
22 inches -24.5 inches
$15 each (plus weight)
22 inches -24.5 inches WITH RIM
$30 each (plus weight)