Foreclosure Registration Program

About the Program

Pursuant to O.C.G.A § 44-14-14, the Hall County Foreclosure Registry was established as a means to protect neighborhoods from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance and security as a result of properties that are foreclosed or where ownership has been transferred after foreclosure.

For more information about the ordinance passed in Hall County, view the Resolution and Ordinance - Section 15.100 (PDF).

Creditors & Mortgagees

Creditors or mortgagees who foreclose on a property are required by law to register the property with Hall County and pay a fee of $100 or face fines up to $1,000. Creditors or mortgagees must designate a local property agent located within the State of Georgia to ensure security and maintenance of the property in compliance with Hall County Code.

Local Property Agents

The local property agent must be designated and listed on the registration form. Failure to do so will be a violation of the ordinance and will be subject to a penalty of up to $1,000. The local property agent must:

  • Have the authority to ensure security and maintenance of the property
  • Comply with code enforcement orders issued by Hall County
  • Provide a trespass authorization upon request of an enforcement officer
  • Conduct inspections of the property
  • Accept rental payments from tenants, if no management company is otherwise employed
  • Serve as an agent authorized to receive code enforcement citations and notice pertaining to any court proceeding or administrative enforcement

Unincorporated & Incorporated Properties Notice

Please note that registration is required for properties located in unincorporated Hall County only. You can check the property information using the Gainesville-Hall GIS System.

Register Your Property

Download the Foreclosure Registration Form, complete all fields, and submit with $100 payment to:

  • Hall County Government
    Attn: Foreclosure Registration
    P.O. Box 1435
    Gainesville, GA 30503

By delivery: 

  • Hall County Government
    Attn: Foreclosure Registration
    2875 Browns Bridge Road
    Gainesville, GA 30504-5635

Cash or check payments may also be made in person at the: 

  • Hall County Government Center
    4th Floor Administration
    2875 Browns Bridge Road
    Gainesville, GA 30504

For additional information, call 770-297-5518 or email.