Marshal's Office

About the Office

It is often a difficult task in maintaining the balance between the rights of individuals and the welfare of the general public when enforcing the codes. Our goal is voluntary compliance of the codes before pursuing further action.

Neighborhoods and parks throughout our area are experiencing rapid growth and changes. Our goal is to improve and maintain the quality of our neighborhoods and parks, so they are a great place to live work and play. Creating a safe and clean environment for all the citizens and visitors of Hall County.

Most Commonly Enforced Ordinances

The most common ordinances we are responsible for enforcing are:

  1. Outdoor Storage & Junk Items
  2. Inoperable Vehicles
  3. Business License
  4. Litter
  5. Yard Sale
  6. Deposit or Storage of Junk

17.260.010. Zoning - Outdoor Storage - Junk Items

Old appliances, scrap materials, building materials, parts to machinery and similar type items must be stored inside an enclosed building in all zoning districts with the exception of districts AR-III and AR-IV. In districts AR-III and AR-IV such items must be stored in such a manner so as not to be visible from roadway or surrounding properties.

Concerns, Suggestions & Complaints

Concerns, suggestions and complaints may be submitted by email.

Optionally, we offer an anonymous Online Complaint Form for your convenience.