When to Call 911

Examples of an Emergency

An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from fire, ambulance or law enforcement. Some examples may include:

  • A fire
  • A car crash
  • A medical emergency such as someone unconscious, gasping for air, allergic reaction, chests pains or any other symptom that requires immediate medical attention

In the event you are not sure if the situation is a true emergency, call 911 and the call taker will be able to help determine.

Answering Emergency-Related Questions

When calling 911 be prepared to answer some questions or provide information such as:

  • Where is the emergency
  • What is the emergency
  • When did this happen
  • Who the caller is and who is involved
  • Why did this happen
  • What weapons were involved, if any
  • How did this happen
  • Provide a phone number that you are calling from or a number you can be called back to
  • Any other pertinent information needed to assist the emergency responders

Helpful Hints

  • Instruct your children and all members of your household on how to use 911.
  • Make sure your house number is visible at night from the street and is clearly posted.
  • If you are calling from your cell phone, know where you are and give the call taker notable landmarks, mile markers, cross streets or intersections.

Additional Emergency Phone Numbers

  • For information concerning roads, contact 511.
  • For directory assistance, contact 411.
  • For power or cable problems and/or outages, contact your provider.

Non-Emergency, Prank & Mistake Calls

In the event you dial 911 by mistake, stay on the phone and let the call taker know. Do not hang-up, just simply explain what happened.

It is illegal in the State of Georgia to call 911 as a joke or prank.