Upcoming Election Dates

The next General Municipal Elections are scheduled for November 7, 2023. Only two cities will be having an election: the City of Flowery Branch (City Council Post 1 and 2) and the City of Lula (City Council Post 1, 4, and 5). Only voters who live within the city limits of Flowery Branch and Lula will be eligible to vote. Registration deadline is October 10, 2023.

Flowery Branch - Early voting will be held from 9AM to 5PM beginning Monday, October 16, 2023 through Friday, November 3, 2023, including Saturday, October 21 and October 28, at Flowery Branch City Hall, 5410 Pine Street. 

Lula - Early voting will be held from 8AM to 5PM beginning Monday, October 16, 2023 through Friday, November 3, 2023, and from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday, October 21 and 28. All voting is taking place at Lula City Hall, 6055 Main Street.

Visit our Office and Learn About the Election Processes

As the 2024 election season quickly approaches, Hall County Elections is excited to announce the Tours and Training Initiative which is geared toward the public and its interest in election law and processes. We will be promoting our transparent election services to help our community move forward in confidence. By offering this Tours and Training Initiative we hope to help Hall County citizens become educated in various election topics of interest. The Tours and Training sessions will give the public opportunity to ask questions, give feedback, and interact with the Elections Office as we perform numerous election duties and activities. The public is an important stakeholder in what we do, and we want our voters to be involved and well informed. 

Due to limited space, the sessions will require registration and will close out at 10 persons per session. We will host our first tour on Tuesday, August 15th. You may register by calling 770-531-6945.

Party Affiliation

You do not register by political party in the State of Georgia because the state has an open primary. At each Presidential Preference or General Primary Election, you may choose the primary in which you wish to vote by selecting the party on your voter's certificate before voting. A run-off is simply a continuation of the election. You must vote for the same party in the run-off as you did in the primary unless you voted a non-partisan ballot. In this case you must indicate a party preference for your run-off ballot. If you fail to vote in the General Primary, you are still eligible to vote in either party's Run-off Election and the General Election.

Absentee-by-Mail Voting

Georgia law allows for absentee-by-mail ballots to be requested no earlier than 78 days and no later than 11 days prior to an election. Any applications received outside of this window will be rejected. Please refer to the 2023 State Elections Calendar for upcoming elections and deadlines. To request an absentee ballot, complete an absentee ballot application and return it to the elections office by mail, fax, email (as an attachment), or in person. The last day to request a ballot for the November 7, 2023 municipal elections is Friday, October 27, 2023.

Absentee Ballot Application - print a paper copy, fill out, sign, and return.

Absentee Ballot Request Portal - fill out online, print, sign, scan, and return. 

Absentee-by-Mail Voting Fact Sheet 

Voted ballots may be mailed, dropped off in person, or deposited in the ballot drop box located on the lower level of the Hall County Government Center. The ballot drop box will only be installed and open during early voting dates and hours per O.C.G.A. 21-2-382 (c)(1).

When an absentee ballot which has been voted shall be returned to and received by the board of registrars, it shall be deemed to have been voted then and there; and no other ballot shall be issued to the same elector. If an elector has requested to vote by absentee ballot and has not received such absentee ballot, has such ballot in his or her possession, has not returned such ballot, or has returned such ballot but the registrars have not received such ballot, such elector may have the absentee ballot canceled and vote in person on the day of the primary, election, or runoff - O.C.G.A. 21-2-388.

Absentee ballots cannot be canceled over the phone. If you wish to cancel your absentee ballot because you spoiled it, lost it, damaged it, etc., and you wish to be mailed another ballot, please fill out this ABM Cancellation Request and mail, fax, email or personally deliver the form to the Elections Office. 

All voted absentee-by-mail ballots must be received in the Elections Office by 7 PM on Election Day in order to be counted, regardless of their postmark date. 

Important Reminder - "Except in the case of physically disabled electors residing in the county or municipality, no absentee ballot shall be mailed to an address other than the permanent mailing address of the elector as recorded on the elector’s voter registration record or a temporary out-of-county or out-of-municipality address." Section 21-2-381(a)(1)(D). 

Provisional Ballots

If you voted a provisional ballot in the November 8, 2022 General Election or the December 6, 2022 General Election Runoff, you may call the Elections Office at 770-531-6945 to inquire about the status of your ballot. You may also email elections@hallcounty.org

Sample Ballots

Sample ballots will be available via your "My Voter Page" with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office.

Useful Resources

Visit My Voter Page to:

  • Check your voter registration status. Inactive status does not mean that you are not able to vote. Inactive voters are eligible to vote, and once they do so, their status will be turned to Active.
  • Find your polling location.
  • View or print your voter registration card (this card is not required for voting; it simply has your polling information, voting districts, etc.)
  • View upcoming election dates.
  • View your representatives.
  • View a sample ballot.
  • Update your voter registration.

Register to vote online

Voter Registration Form - fill out, print, sign and mail, or scan and email 

Voter Registration Cancellation/Removal Form

Poll Worker Application

Elections FAQ

Military and Overseas Voting

Federal Voting Assistance Program - Voting assistance for Service members, their families and overseas citizens - FAQ

Order Voter Lists

Hall County Elected State Officials

Hall County, Georgia Delegation

Poll Watcher Information - please contact your political party if you are interested in being a poll watcher

Visit Secretary of State’s website for latest elections news and other elections resources 

Secure the Vote - New Voting Equipment!

Georgia began using new Voting equipment in 2020. The Secretary of State’s office has provided a demonstration video on the new equipment.

Secure the Vote (PDF)

Duties & Responsibilities  
The Elections & Registration office is responsible for the voter registrations of Hall County and all its municipalities. It also serves as qualifying and filing officer for county candidates and elected officials. In addition to maintaining, testing and deploying voting machines to 31 precincts the Elections Office hires and trains more than 500 poll workers annually. 

To uphold the Constitution of the United States so as to include the laws and policies of all courts and any legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly and Congress of the United States. To encourage voter participation, provide excellent Customer Service to all Voters and Candidates, and instill public confidence by conducting honest and impartial elections.