Recording Plats & Subdividing Properties

Recording Plats

There are multiple situations which may require having a survey recorded for a property. This includes retracement surveys, combining adjoining properties, adjusting property boundaries, and subdividing property. Proof of a recorded plat is required prior to the issuance of a building permit. 

It is recommended that you or your surveyor begin by speaking with a staff planner to discuss the property in question. A planner will be able to advise you of county standards such as required acreage, road frontage, and setbacks. It is the responsibility of the property owner to hire a surveyor to have a new survey created for recording.

To have the plat reviewed for recording, the surveyor or the property owner will submit the plat and plat review application packet through the online portal Accela or email to The Planning Department will then route the plats to the Engineering Department and the Environmental Health Department for review. Once all three departments have reviewed and approved the plat, the applicant will be provided the digital stamped plat in order to have it recorded by the surveyor with the Hall County Clerk of Superior and State Courts. When the plat is recorded, it will be assigned a plat book and page number. 

Subdividing Properties

The subdivision of property is done as either a major or minor subdivision as defined by the Hall County Municipal Code. There are several considerations when creating a new lot: acreage, road frontage, availability of public water, and/or access to public sewer or on-site septic. To determine if a property is eligible to be subdivided, please consult with a staff planner. A planner will assist you in understanding the requirements and possibilities for subdividing a parcel. 

If you need to obtain a copy of your recorded plat, the Deeds and Records Room for Hall County is located at 116 Spring Street in the Hall County Courthouse Annex basement. Their telephone number is 770-531-7058.

Minor subdivisions are defined as a simple split of property creating no more than 2 lots from 1 parcel within a 12-month period. 

Major subdivisions are defined as the division of one parcel into more than 2 new lots. This type of subdivision may require approval by the Board of Commissioners and review by other county departments.