Rezoning & Subdividing Properties

Rezoning Properties
There are several different factors and requirements that are involved in rezoning property. These can include road frontage availability, access, lot size requirements, adjoining commercial or residential property, the future land use plan, overlay districts, etc. The best resource for assisting you in understanding the requirements and processes for the rezoning is the Planning staff.

First, obtain a copy of the recorded plat for the property to be rezoned. This can be obtained through the Hall County Deeds and Records Room at 116 Spring Street, the basement of the Hall County Courthouse Annex building. They may be reached by telephone number at 770-531-7058.

Second, make an appointment with one of our staff to discuss the type of business and or development that you would like to begin. They will provide you with documents, schedules, and information on what will be required by the Planning Commission and County Commission for your rezoning action.

Subdividing Properties

The subdivision of property is done as either a major or minor subdivision as defined in the Hall County Ordinance. Minor subdivisions are defined and a simple split of property creating no more than 2 lots from 1 piece of property within a 12-month period. All other subdivisions are seen as major subdivisions. There are several factors that prohibit the creation of a new lot. Lot size requirements, road frontage requirements, water availability, etc. The easiest way to discern if you can make a split in a lot is to make an appointment with one of our staff and bring a copy of your recorded plat, one that has been recorded in the deeds and records room of Hall County with a clerks stamp, to our office for a consultation.

A planner can evaluate the property and talk with you about what splits are possible or what further documentation may be required before you hire a surveyor or purchase the property. The Deeds and Records Room for Hall County is located at 116 Spring Street in the Hall County Courthouse Annex basement. The telephone number is 770-531-7058.