Training Division

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Training Center

The Fire Services Training Center is a modern facility with classrooms and office space for the training staff, a large driver training pad, burn building / training tower, and drafting pit.

The center has a staff of 4 that provide instruction for HCFS personnel in the areas of fire suppression, basic and advanced emergency medical care, technical rescue, and hazardous materials.

Professional Compliance

Training center personnel ensure that our Firefighter/EMTs are not only trained to do their jobs properly, but in compliance with local, state and national requirements: such as, Georgia State Requirements, National Registry, Insurance Services Office, Driver's License, NIMS compliance, promotional requirements, etc.

After Action Review

The facts of an incident are examined, by bringing everyone together and discussing the incident to determine areas where our members performed well, as well as areas that could be improved upon. These areas are all documented and later published so that all members may learn from the incident.

 Recruit Candidate Job Skills Evaluation Demonstration Video

 Recruit Candidate Job Skills Evaluation Demonstration Video