Ambulance Billing

Cost of Emergency Care

Hall County Fire Services is committed to provide precise and cost effective prehospital services to the citizens and visitors of Hall County. Ambulance Services rates are subsidized by tax dollars; however, property taxes alone does not cover the cost of the Hall County ambulance transport service. Hall County bills for reimbursement of ambulance service provided. Our commitment is to attempt to maintain the fees charged for service at the lowest level possible. 

Ambulance Fee Schedule (PDF)

Billing Information

Beginning July 10, 2015, patients may receive bills from Andres Medical Billing on behalf of Hall County Ambulance Services.

Update your insurance information online with Andres Medical Billing or complete the following form to be faxed or mailed: Update Insurance Information (PDF)

The current collection vendor utilized by Hall County Ambulance Services is United Financial Management Services and may be contacted at 866-456-4827.


As a patient, you have a number of rights with respect to the protection of your Private Health Information (PHI). Click on the link below to review how medical information about you may be used, disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Patient Privacy Notice (PDF)