Building Inspections Division

Residential Building Permits:

In order to better serve our customers more efficiently, please take note that Hall County as of 9/1/23, permit submissions and/or supporting documents of any kind (for permits which have been already issued) will no longer be accepted via email.

The security of your documents that Hall County receives is important to all of us.

Please use the permit portal (Accela) to either apply for permits or upload supporting documents to your permit. This will ensure that Hall County will receive documents sent and applied to the correct permit file.

If you are attempting to upload documents into a permit, but are not the permit holder and need access to the permit, please create an account in Accela and contact our offices to be linked to that permit.

Thank you for your understanding as Hall county moves forward to provide better and more efficient customer service experience.

What kind of work requires a building permit?

A variety of jobs require building permits. If you aren't sure if you need a permit or not, refer to this list to see the kind of work that requires a permit.

Application process

In order to obtain a Building permit several department approvals are required before issuance. In order to get proper authorizations all application requests are submitted through our Accela Software, where Building Inspections will route them for review through Planning and Zoning. Once Planning and Zoning have approved your request it will be routed to either Environmental Health or Building Inspections. 

Please note, approval from Hall County Planning does not mean you have obtained a building permit. Your request must be reviewed and approved, if necessary, by Environmental Health before a building permit can be obtained. Once all appropriate departments have approved the request, issuance will be finalized with Building Inspections.

Online submission - Accela Software

Hall County now utilizes the Accela software for Planning & Development applications, allowing citizens to submit all applications online from anywhere in the world and keep track of their approval process. Need assistance? Check out these tutorial videos (via Vimeo):

Ready to go? Visit the Accela Citizen Access Portal to get started.

In person submission

Unable to access our Online Portal? No problem! We still accept in person applications through the Building Inspections window on the third floor of our building located at 2875 Browns Bridge Road. In order to process your request for a building permit we will need you to provide the following information: 

  • A completed copy of the Residential Permit Application - see below for a complete Residential Building Permit Packet.
  • To–Scale Site Plan of your property that reflects the overall dimensions of the proposed structure and distances to all surrounding property lines at their closest points. The site plan is the most important component of your request and needs to be drawn to an engineering scale
  • Copy of water meter receipt
  • A copy of your Recorded Plat and Deed. Recorded plats are kept on file with the Deeds and Records Room at 116 Spring St, Gainesville, Ga. Telephone number 770-531-7058.
  • A completed copy the owner authorization form. Please have this filled out, have it notarized, and include a copy of your photo ID and business license, if necessary.
    • This form is only necessary if you are not the property owner. 
  • Contractor’s State License, photo ID of State License Holder and Business License.
  • Sub-Contractor Affidavits for all trades with State License and Business License.
  • If property is on Septic, additional documents may be required by the Environmental Health Department.

Residential Building Permit Packet: 
Residential Building Permit Application Packet

Building Inspections:

For general questions or for urgent matters regarding existing permits and building inspections please email Daisy Leyva,

Development Review:

For specific questions relating to your project, or questions regarding new projects, please contact Lauren Brandao, Development Review Coordinator, at

Finally, please feel free to contact with any additional questions.

About the Division

Hall County Government has operated a Building Inspections Division since 1972. Today the Inspection Office operates under a unified code system that is applicable regardless of which jurisdiction construction occurs.

The primary mission of the Building Inspection Divisions is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people by ensuring a safe building environment.

Duties & Responsibilities

Hall County Building Inspections enforces the International Building Codes as prescribed by the International Code Council, mandated by and amended by the State of Georgia.

All work to any structure, be it new construction, addition or alteration to an existing structure, shall be approved and permitted by the Building Official before construction begins.

Building Inspections also enforces Erosion and Sediment Controls in the County and any grading, clearing, grubbing or installation of driveways on any property shall first be required to obtain a Land Disturbance Permit from the Hall County Engineering Department.