Civil Section

What We Do

The Civil Division is responsible for serving civil processes received from the courts of our county, as well as other jurisdictions throughout the United States. This includes civil processes such as dispossessories, evictions, subpoenas, probate orders, writs of possession to seize personal property, personal property foreclosures, condemnations, executing probate orders to apprehend, etc. We are "agents" of the court and, as such, carry out orders issued by the court.

What We Can't Do

As a general rule we can only do what we are ordered to do by any Georgia Court (Family Violence orders from other states are an exception to the rule) or is a violation of Georgia criminal law. People often ask us to do some act that can only be ordered by a Georgia judge and therefore we must decline the request. Court orders from other states are not enforceable by us with the exception of Family Violence Orders. Out of state orders have to be "domesticated" by a Georgia Superior Court Judge.

General Information

All services require that you complete a Sheriff's Entry of Service form which is available from any Clerk of Court within the Hall County Courthouse. It is very important that in the block titled "Name and Address of Party to Be Served," you complete this with the correct information. If you fail to complete this block properly, you are subject to paying an additional service fee. For out of state service, a Civil Division employee will prepare a Sheriff's Entry of Service Form.

Address for Service & Fees

You are responsible for determining that the address for service is within Hall County. We do not go outside Hall County to serve Civil Process. If you provide the wrong address, your fee that you paid is not refundable.

You can also call us at 770-531-7090 to check service if you so desire.