Court Services

Court Services Division

By Georgia statute the Sheriff is responsible for the security and integrity of the Hall County Courthouse. The Court Services Division's deputies ensure the security of the Hall County Courthouse and provides security for Superior, State, Magistrate, Juvenile and Probate Courts of Hall County.

In addition, the Sheriff is tasked under Georgia statute to execute and return the processes and orders of the courts. The Court Services Division is assigned the responsibility of preparing and serving all civil processes received from the courts of Hall County, as well as other jurisdictions. In addition to process service, we execute court orders that include the completion of evictions, writs of possession, temporary protective orders, and the collection of other judgments issued by the courts.

The Court Services Division is commanded by acting Captain Kelley Edwards, who leads 2 lieutenants, 3 sergeants, 25 deputies, 2 part-time security officers, and 3 civilian employees. All Civil Process deputies are assigned take home vehicles so that they can provide an enhanced patrol presence while serving civil papers throughout the county. Our deputies are also subject to being called in as needed for any major incidents to assist the patrol division.

***REMINDER: Prior to entering the metal detectors at our courthouse, laptops must be removed from all bags. THEN, you may place the laptop and bag(s) on the conveyor belt before proceeding.