Court Services

Court Services Division

The Court Services Division of the Hall County Sheriff's Office is tasked with the protection and security of all employees, judges, citizenry which work or enter the courthouse daily to conduct business. The main courthouse houses Superior, State and Magistrate Courts as well as the offices of the District Attorney, Solicitor General and the Clerk of Courts. The Courthouse Annex, located across the courtyard, houses Probate Court, Juvenile Court and Probation, and the Deed Room.

The Court Services Division is responsible for the execution and returns of all processes and orders of the courts, the serving of all civil processes received from the Hall County Court System as well as other jurisdictions throughout the state. These include process service, executing evictions, writs of possession, temporary protective orders and the collection of other judgments issued by the courts.  

The Court Services Division is under the direction of Captain Kelley Edwards who oversees a staff which includes several supervisors, numerous deputies, as well as multiple civilians.

***REMINDER: Prior to entering the metal detectors at our courthouse, laptops must be removed from all bags. THEN, you may place the laptop and bag(s) on the conveyor belt before proceeding.