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Frequently Asked: Hall County Shelter In Place

A shelter in place or stay at home order is NOT currently in place in unincorporated Hall County. Therefore, no passes, permits, etc. are needed for anyone traveling or doing business in unincorporated Hall County.

Georgia Receives SBA Statewide Disaster Declaration, Applications for Small Business Emergency Loans Now Open

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Click here for SBA Disaster Loan Assistance information.

Georgia Department of Public Health COVID-19 Presentation 

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The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America

30 Days to Slow the Spread

30 Days to Slow the Spread Infographic

Coronavirus (COVID19) Information

Hall County Emergency Management Agency continues to closely monitor any new details as it relates to COVID-19. We are working with local, state, and federal officials to ensure that appropriate actions are being taken and that necessary and accurate information is being shared with our citizens.


  • Hall County Government Center
  • Hall County Animal Shelter
  • Community centers
  • Hall County Government Scholars Academy
  • Libraries and Library programming
  • Parks pavilions
  • Parks programming
  • Parks restrooms
  • Presidential Preference Primary and Early Voting
  • Senior Life Center
  • Gainesville Connection (all services suspended)

NOTE: The Hall County Courthouse is open only for essential matters. Dial-A-Ride services have been scaled back with prioritization given trips to pharmacies, grocery stores, work and medical appointments. The Extension Agency will operate remotely.


Did you know much of the business conducted at Hall County can be done online, by phone or by email?

We offer an online payment center for a number of transactions, including payments for business license renewals, sewer service and traffic citations.

Worried about in-person visits? Check the list of departments for contact information of the people you’ll need to speak with. You might able to handle everything by phone or email.


CDC Information:

CDC Coronavirus Information
CDC Travel Information
CDC Travel Notices

Department of Public Health Information:

COVID-19 Daily Status Report

Local Schools Information:

Buford School District
Gainesville School District
Hall County School District

Hall County News and Updates:

(3/25) Hall County building inspections to continue with added safety measures due to COVID-19
(3/24) Board of Commissioners bans in-person dining, enacts other measures in light of COVID-19 outbreak (NOTE: The ban was extended an additional 72 hours on March 27.)
(3/20) Hall County facilities closing to public as essential services continue; online business encouraged
(3/19) Resolution passed encouraging adherence to CDC guidelines, avoiding contact with others
(3/19) Hall County courts adjust for statewide judicial emergency
(3/16) Senior Life Center closed through April 3 amid COVID-19 outbreak
(3/14) Community Service Center remains open
(3/14) Presidential Preference Primary, local elections postponed until May 19
(3/13) Hall County parks, libraries to cancel programming, closing facilities

Map of COVID-19 Cases:

Johns Hopkins CSSE Coronavirus COVID-19 Interactive Map

Help Stop the Spread of Germs

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Message to citizens

The health and safety of our citizens and employees is, as always, the first priority of Hall County Government. 

With that in mind, Hall County’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is actively monitoring news of the coronavirus as we work diligently with community partners to ensure we are making the most prudent decisions when it comes to keeping our employees and our public safe and well.

A number of proactive steps Hall County has taken to date include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hall County officials have implemented the County’s Pandemic Influenza Plan, which was developed a number of years ago and which will be implemented should the need arise.
  • Meetings continue with department directors and elected officials to discuss how their specific department can prepare for, respond to and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 
  • A CDC informational flyer with tips for stopping the spread of germs has been disbursed throughout County facilities and is posted to the County’s website and social media feeds. 
  • Building Maintenance crews have increased their efforts in sanitizing County facilities on a frequent and consistent basis. 
  • Areas that receive frequent and consistent contact with the public, such as door knobs and handles, light switches and elevator buttons, are cleaned each day.
  • Additional hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer dispensers have been strategically placed throughout County buildings.
  • Hall County’s Purchasing Division has reviewed their supply chains to ensure essential items are well-stocked.
  • Human Resources is developing internal policies to effectively manage employees who may be quarantined.
  • Coordination is occurring with the City of Gainesville, the Hall County School System and Gainesville City Schools to make sure relevant information is being shared between the various entities in regards to preparedness plans and closure information.
  • Hall County EMA is actively involved with other leaders from the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, North Georgia Health System, school systems, and other stakeholder groups to share any relevant information and continuity plans regarding the virus.
  • Each Hall County department has created its own continuity of operations plan to go into effect, should a significant percentage of the County’s workforce need to stay home from work in order to ensure essential services to the public continue.
  • A complete list of closures and cancellations that have been made in the interest of public health can be found elsewhere on this web page.

Finally, all Hall County employees and citizens are strongly encouraged to follow the CDC’s recommendations for stopping the spread of germs.

As always, it is our honor and privilege to serve the Hall County community each and every day.