Neighborhood Watch Program


The Sheriff's Office recognizes that successful crime prevention relies heavily on a partnership between law enforcement agencies and the citizens they serve. The dilemma of law enforcement is that we can't be in all places at all times, so we count on concerned citizens to be our "eyes and ears." Neighborhood Watch emphasizes solid communication methods, observation skills, diligence, and a lasting partnership with the Hall County Sheriff's Office.


Neighborhood Watch is not complicated, and doesn't require a great deal of logistics. Primary and secondary coordinators oversee the general functions and communications, block captains keep up with a small number of homes in their immediate vicinity, and everyone keeps the lines of communication open.


Neighborhood Watch operations are based on the simple concepts of organization, communication, and observation and reporting. It's an easy-to-maintain, user-friendly system that encourages participation through keeping citizens informed and empowering them as the key elements in the program.

Getting Started

Once you and your neighbors decide to start a Neighborhood Watch, contact the Hall County Sheriff's Office Community Service / Crime Prevention Unit, at 770-533-7659, or by email, for more information and to start discussing a scheduled meeting and program presentation.