Current and Long Range Planning Division

Hall County Planning and Development is serving customers through both walk-in and prescheduled appointments. While telephone and email communications are still operating as normal, in-person business will only be conducted between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm. To schedule an appointment at the Government Center, please call 770-531-6809 and press 2 for the Planning Department. Please note that while we will do our best to accommodate walk-in customers, there may be a wait while we give priority to customers who have an appointment.

Building Permits:

In order to process your request for a building permit we will need you to provide the following information: 

  • A completed copy of the online submission form, which can be found here.
  • If you are proposing a new structure or addition to the property we will need a detailed site plan.  The site plan is the most important component of your request.  The site plan needs to be drawn to an engineering scale that shows the dimensions of the proposed structure and how far this structure is away from all existing structures and property lines. We currently do not have the ability to print the site plans out and so everything must be accurately labeled for us to approve. 
  • A copy of your recorded plat. If you do not have a copy please contact the Deeds and Records room (770-531-7058).
  • A completed copy the owner authorization form. Please have this filled out, have it notarized, and include a copy of your photo ID and business license, if necessary. This form is only necessary if you are not the property owner. A copy of the form can be found here.

Please submit the completed packet to for review and processing to ensure compliance with Hall County regulations. A representative from Hall County Planning will let you know we have received the permit request and any additional information that may be needed.  If your request can be approved we will email either Hall County Environmental Health or Building Inspections letting them know of our approval. You will be copied on the email so that a representative from their department may contact you to proceed with your request. Please note, approval from Hall County Planning does not mean you have obtained a building permit. Your request must be reviewed and approved, if necessary, by Environmental Health before a building permit can be obtained.

Building Inspections:

Building Inspections is serving customers through both in-person and prescheduled appointments. While telephone and email operations are still operating as normal, in-person meetings and business may be conducted by appointment only between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm. To schedule an appointment at the Government Center, please call 770-535-8288 and press 1 for an appointment and then 3 to be connected with the Planning and Development departments. Please note that only one person may attend an in-person meeting. For general questions or for urgent matters regarding existing permits and building inspections please email, Lamar Carver, or Peggy Pierce,

Development Review:

Please contact Jorge Gomez, Development Review Coordinator, at to submit your plans digitally, schedule a virtual meeting, or if you have any questions about the review process.

Plat Review:

The plat review process has been modified to allow the continued submittal and review of plats through digital copies. Please email a digital copy of the plat to along with the completed forms (2022 Minor Plat Package). The PDF will be reviewed by Planning, Engineering, and Environmental Health. After the initial review, comments will be provided to the surveyor or provided contact person indicating what revisions will be necessary in order to approve the plat. Upon request of hard copies from the Planning Department, the surveyor or applicant may then drop off at least 3 full-size paper copies of the plat for final approval stamps. Please note that plats will not be stamped at the time of drop off. 

The plat review process typically takes between 3-4 weeks.

Special Use, Variance, and Rezoning Requests:

New applications for special use permits, variances, and rezoning requests are being accepted both digitally and in person. Please contact David Webb,, to schedule a pre-application meeting. Due to the nature of these requests incomplete applications will not be processed. You will find a link to learn more about this process in the navigation menu on the left of this page, under the Current and Long Range Planning heading.  You may learn more about this process here.

Finally, please feel free to contact with any additional questions.

Hall County Zoning Map

About the Division

The Current and Long Range Planning Division develops long-range plans designed to direct and manage growth based on a wide range of diverse community goals and is responsible for ensuring building permit applications meet the requirements of the Official Code of Hall County. Staff also analyzes proposed changes in land use, and administers regulations including the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations, in order to implement land use and development policies of the Board of Commissioners. In addition, staff provides information to the Board of Commissioners regarding the effects of growth including:

  • Increasing demands on public infrastructure and governmental service
  • Overall effects on the community's quality of life

You can check out the frequently requested forms or read the Guide for Long Range Planning (PDF) for more information.