Inland Port (Blue Ridge Connector)

What is it?

The Inland Port, now named the "Blue Ridge Connector," will provide a direct link to the Port of Savannah via Norfolk Southern Railroad. The 104-acre site, managed by the Georgia Ports Authority, will feature 9,000 working feet of track upon its opening, expanding to 18,000 feet at full build-out. According to the Ports Authority, the site will have capacity for 150,000 container lifts per year, with each one offsetting about 600 roundtrip highway miles in the process.

Where is it going?

The Blue Ridge Connector will be located east of the railroad tracks along White Sulphur Road, across the tracks from its intersection with Cagle Road.

What is Hall County's involvement?

While the Blue Ridge Connector is a project under the Georgia Ports Authority's umbrella, Hall County will be conducting a variety of roadway realignments and safety improvements to the surrounding area to improve traffic flow in the vicinity. The largest project is the realignment of White Sulphur Road, which will see the creation of approximately 0.75 miles of commercial roadway and the closing of the current railroad crossing near Cagle Road.

White Sulphur Road realignment

The realignment of White Sulphur Road will create approximately 0.75 miles of commercial roadway. The $8.6M project will be completed and open to traffic by 2026.

White Sulphur Road Realignment Map

White Sulphur Road Realignment Map

Cagle Road paving

Hall County will also pave approximately 1.25 miles of Cagle Road to improve safety and driver experience. This $4.1M project will be completed and open to traffic by 2026.

Cagle Road Paving Map

Cagle Road paving map


The total $12.7M for the White Sulphur Road realignment and paving of Cagle Road is partially funded by the Georgia Ports Authority, GDOT funding, state and federal grants, and local sales tax dollars.

Future Planning

Roadway Improvements

Hall County is in the early planning stages for additional roadway improvements, including the widening of White Sulphur Road and intersection improvements at SR 365, as well as intersection improvements at Cagle Road and SR 365, and SR 52 and SR 365.


Hall County's role in future development involves zoning and infrastructure. For information regarding zoning and future land use along the SR 365 corridor, visit Hall County Forward to review the Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code.

Will Hall County receive any revenue from the port?

Hall County will not receive any revenue directly from the Blue Ridge Connector; however, additional businesses and development are expected in the area, as stated as a long-term goal under Economic and Workforce Development in Hall County's Strategic Plan, “to shape Hall County’s northern corridor to encourage natural expansion through investments in infrastructure while promoting safety and efficiency.”

Want to learn more?

Visit the Georgia Ports Authority website for more information.