Surrendering a Pet

As an open-admission shelter, Hall County Animal Shelter accepts all animals, and though we understand it may be necessary to give up a pet, the shelter should be a last resort.

Please consider these resources before calling to schedule an intake appointment:

North Gwinnett Cooperative

700 Wiley Dr. 

Buford, Ga 30518



South Hall Community Food Pantry

4211 Walnut St

Oakwood, Ga 30566



Good Samaritan Food Bank

1220 McEver Rd.

Gainesville, Ga 30504


If rehoming your pet is necessary, consider privately rehoming your pet. This option not only keeps your pet out of the shelter, which is a stressful experience for an animal accustomed to being in a home, but you can provide crucial information about your pet for potential adopters. No one knows your pet better than you.

REHOMING TIPS:all.pets.home


  • Stats (size, weight, age)
  • Story (how'd you find them, why are you giving them up)
  • Personality (treat motivated, cuddler, social, etc.)
  • Training (housebroken, crate-trained, litterbox-trained, known commands, etc.)
  • Veterinary care (up-to-date on shots, spayed/neutered, known conditions, etc.)

Joyful Pet Rehoming Services


Pet Rehoming Services


Atlanta Pet Rehoming Services



Rehome by

All pet owners wishing to surrender their pet to the Hall County Animal Shelter must have an appointment to do so.

Appointments are scheduled Tuesday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Please contact Hall County Animal Shelter Senior Secretary, Heather Evans, to schedule an appointment:

Heather Evans

Senior Secretary

Hall County Animal Shelter

Phone: 678-450-1587