You Are Why We're Here

Hall County Government exists for you: the taxpayer, resident, property owner and stakeholder. You are why we’re here.

With that in mind, we would like to highlight some of the men and women who provide outstanding service to the citizens and stakeholders of Hall County, allowing you to see some of the faces you may have spoken with over the phone, or chatted with via email.

Below, you’ll find our most recent employee spotlight, and at the bottom of this page is a slideshow of previous employees who’ve been recognized. These exceptional employees never lose sight of our mantra: You Are Why We’re Here!

These informational posters are also posted on the Hall County Government Facebook page every Friday, so be sure to "Like" the page to see the latest spotlights whenever they’re posted, along with other useful and timely information.

You Are Why We're Here Archive

Rich Ellis

Rich Ellis informational poster

Surama Vasquez

Surama Vasquez

Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks informational poster

Belinda Jackson

Belinda Jackson informational poster

Morgan Ewing

Morgan Ewing informational poster

Mark Newberry

Mark Newberry informational poster

Robert Riedinger

Robert Riedinger informational poster

Terry Sirard

Terry Sirard informational poster

Lisa Millwood

Lisa Millwood informational poster

Kendra Mora

Kendra Mora informational graphic

Lenis Sargent

Lenis Sargent informational poster

Susan Coyle

Susan Coyle informational poster

Malana Parson

Malana Parson informational poster

Katie Greenway

Katie Greenway informational poster

Adam Welker

Adam Welker informational poster

Bobby Purdum

Bobby Purdum Informational Poster

Amanda Mitchell

Amanda Mitchell Informational Poster

Isabel Chavez

Isabel Chavez informational poster

Toby Cato

Toby Cato informational poster

Chuck Pinney

Chuck Pinney informational poster

Desiree Childs

Desiree Childs Informational Poster

Linda MacIver

Linda MacIver Informational Poster

Casey Ramsey

An informational poster about Casey Ramsey, EMA Director.

Angela Rayo

An informational poster about Angela Rayo, HR Coordinator

Angela Daniels

An informational poster about Angela Daniels, Administrative Secretary.

Stewart Smith

Stewart Smith Informational Poster

Willy Hamilton

An informational poster about Willy Hamilton, Construction Supervisor.

Bill Banick

Bill Banick Informational Poster

Kathy Lightfoot

Kathy Lightfoot Informational Poster

Christine Cave

Christine Cave Informational Poster