You Are Why We're Here

Hall County Government exists for you: the taxpayer, resident, property owner and stakeholder. You are why we’re here.

With that in mind, we would like to highlight some of the ways the men and women of Hall County Government provide outstanding service to the citizens and stakeholders. This page will house videos that highlight such instances.

Hall County Parks & Leisure

Sometimes, the biggest impacts we make aren't the tasks that go above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes the biggest impacts we make come from the regular, day-to-day items on the to-do list. Such was the case for one of our incredible Hall County Parks & Leisure maintenance workers, who handled the to-do list from sun-up to sun-down -- making a big impact in the process.

Hall County Animal Services

A Hall County resident experienced panic that no pet owner ever should; she awoke one morning to find her dogs missing. As she searched for her beloved pets, another homeowner was calling Hall County Animal Services. The story that unfolded was one that, thankfully, had a happy ending, thanks to the quick, compassionate services of one Animal Services employee.

Hall County Fire Services

It was a normal night for a South Hall couple; they sat in their living room, enjoying a cozy fire and watching television. Suddenly, they realized that cozy fire had turned into a full on blaze in their chimney. That's when Hall County Fire Services went work and ultimately saved the couple's home.

Hall County Landfill

While they may not have been aware of it, the staff at the Hall County Landfill created an atmosphere of kindness, respect and service while helping a citizen during a difficult time in his life.