Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Hall County maintain the street lights in my subdivision?

No, street lights are maintained by the power company that services your area.
1. Obtain the number off the street light pole.
2. Call your power company.
3. Provide that pole number to the power company so they can locate and fix any issues with the street light.

2. Does Hall County provide water service/who do I contact for water service or billing?

Hall County does not have water service.  You will need to contact one of the jurisdictions below in Hall County.

          The City of Gainesville at (770) 535-6878

          The City of Flowery Branch at (770) 967-6371

          The City of Oakwood at (770) 534-2365

          The City of Braselton at (706) 654-3915

          The City of Buford at (770) 945-6761

          The City of Clermont at (770) 983-7568

          The City of Lula at (770) 869-3801  

3. Where may I find a copy of my plat?

Residents of Hall County may find copies of their recorded plat/deed in the Deed Room located at 116 Spring Street SE Gainesville, Georgia. They may be reached at (770) 531-7058.

4. What is a stream buffer and stream buffer variance?

A stream buffer is an undisturbed natural vegetative buffer that shall be maintained for 50 feet, measured horizontally, on both banks (as applicable) of the stream as measured from the top of the stream bank. This area must be left in a natural state and clearing, grading, and building within this stream buffer is prohibited unless a stream buffer variance is obtained.

A stream buffer variance will be considered on a case by case basis through the Hall County Engineering Department.

5. Who picks up fallen trees and debris?

Hall County Road Maintenance is responsible for clearing trees and debris from the right of way only. They will not pick up debris moved to the right of way from private property. They can be contacted at 770-531-6824.

6.  Who picks up dead animals from the roadway?

Hall County Solid Waste will pick up dead animals on a county maintained road and they can be contacted at (770) 531-6851.

7. What are the hours of the compactor sites/landfill?

Please visit the Solid Waste webpage for details.

8. Can I take yard debris to the compactor/landfill?

The Hall County Landfill/Compactor Sites does not take yard debris, you may visit Crystal Creek's webpage or contact them at (770) 534-5214 for hours and fees.

9. Does your department deal with single-family dwelling/I need a building permit?

You will need to contact Planning and Development concerning single-family dwellings or associated building permits.

10. Do I need to obtain a permit for a driveway?

Hall County Traffic Engineering requires residents of Hall County to obtain a permit when installing a secondary driveway off of a county maintained road or a property access only driveway.  When obtaining a residential building permit, a single driveway permit is included.  Commercial driveway permits are handled through Planning and Development.

11. May I begin grading my site prior to obtaining a residential building permit?

You may obtain a minor land disturbance permit for disturbances less than 1 acre.  If you plan to grade/clear more than 1 acre you may contact Planning and Development to go through the Development Review Process.

12. Does Hall County maintain the stormwater in my subdivision? If so, how often? 

Please review the listing of Hall County maintained stormwater management subdivision/facilities in Hall County, if your subdivision/facility is not listed you may contact Hall County Engineering at (770) 531-6800.

Subdivision ponds in Hall County maintenance program get maintained once a year.

13. Do I have to pay for an Engineering Certification for Business License?

Hall County Engineering does not charge a fee for the Engineering Certification that is required to obtain/renew a business license.