Community Cat Program

What You Need to Know about the Community Cat Program for Hall County

The Community Cat Program (CCP) is a collaboration between Hall County Animal Services (HCAS), the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) and Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) along with other community organizations. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of undomesticated/feral cats entering the Hall County shelter system while, in turn, increasing the live release numbers for undomesticated/feral cats through free/low-cost spay/neuter.

TRAPS FOR CATS: Hall County Animal Services will be lending live/humane traps to the public on a first-come basis at no charge. Residents borrowing traps must present a driver’s license or other current photo ID with current Hall County address. Traps are available to pick up, by appointment only, Tuesday-Saturday 9 am- 4 pm. Please call or email Sherry Mililli, the CCP Coordinator, at smililli or 770-531-6832 to reserve a trap in advance. Tractor Supply also sells live/humane traps for approximately $35 each.

SURGERY FOR CATS: Through a grant from Best Friends, HSNEGA is offering a limited number of free spay/neuter surgeries for CCP cats on a first-come basis. Surgery for CCP cats will be
 Tuesday, Wednesday, and FridayCats MUST be presented for surgery in a live/humane trap (see above for info on traps). No more than two cats per household will be taken in at one time. If you plan to trap more than two cats for surgery, please contact HSNEGA’s spay/neuter office at or 770-532-6617, ext. 250 to coordinate intake for surgery.

HSNEGA is accepting the first 4 cats that arrive for surgery. Their doors open at 7:30 am at their Healthy Pet Clinic. You will leave the cat in the car and check in by the door. If there are others in line, please space yourself 6 feet with the markers placed outside of their gated area. You will then be directed to wait in your car until a technician comes out to grab the patient. Cats MUST be picked up at 4:30 pm the day of surgery (at HSNEGA)Due to COVID19, HSNEGA cannot do any overnight stays.

The cat caretaker must complete the HSNEGA Surgery Agreement form below and agree to the terms outlined. Please feel free to complete the information in advance and bring with you the day of surgery.

Sherry Mililli, Community Cat Program Coordinator

Office: 770-531-6832 | Email: 
Community Cats1

HSNEGA Community Cat Program Surgery Agreement

Please feel free to complete the HSNEGA Surgery Agreement (below) in advance and bring with you the day of surgery.

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