Open Records Requests

Regulations & Contact

O.C.G.A. 50-18-71 (a) provides that: "All public records shall be open for personal inspection and copying, except those which by order of a court of this state or by law are specifically exempted from disclosure."

PLEASE NOTE: Georgia's Open Meetings and Open Records Laws state that an agency shall not be required to prepare/create reports, summaries or non-existent compilations in response to a records request. § 50-18-71(j).  

To file an Open Records Request, please e-mail the appropriate department as described below. If you need further information, please call the number listed for the department who handles the type of records you wish to receive.

  • Animal Services - Email Animal Services or call 678-450-1587
  • Board of County Commissioners (includes Administration) - Email Board of County Commissioners or call 770-535-8288
  • Clerk of Courts (State & Superior Court Cases) - Email Clerk of Courts or call 770-531-7025
  • Clerk of Courts Real Estate (includes Deeds, Liens, Plats & UCC) - Email Clerk of Courts Real Estate or call 770-531-7058
  • Court Administration (State & Superior Court Administration items) - Email Court Adnimistration or call 770-532-1895
  • Department of Corrections and Maintenance (includes Building Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, and Road Maintenance) - Email Department of Corrections or call 770-718-2370
  • E-911 - Email e911 or call 770-531-6765
  • Elections – Email Elections or call 770-531-6945
  • Environmental Health - Email Environmental Health or call 770-531-3973
  • Financial Services Email Financial Services or call 770-535-8270
  • Fire Services/EMA/EMS - Email Fire Services or call 770-531-6838
  • Human Resources - Email Human Resources or call 770-531-6712
  • Parks & Leisure = Email Parks & Leisure or call 770-535-8280
  • Public Works & Utilities (includes Engineering, Construction Management, Solid Waste, Resource and Recovery) - Email Public Works or call 770-531-6800
  • Planning and Development (includes Building Inspections, Marshal's Office and Business License) - Email Planning & Development or call 770-531-6809
  • Sheriff - Email the Sheriff or call 770-531-6885
  • Tax Assessor – Email Tax Assessor or call 770-531-6720
  • Tax Commissioner – Email Tax Commissioner or call 770-531-6950 The costs for research (search, retrieval, copying, and redaction of responsive documents to satisfy requests) are as follows:
    • The first 15 minutes are free.
    • After the first 15 minutes, the cost per hour will be equal to the employee with the lowest hourly rate with the necessary skills and training to respond to the request.
    • .10 per page for letter or legal size documents
    • The County may charge the actual cost of any media items used to complete the request (dvd, cd, thumb drive, etc.)
  • For electronic records, the county may charge the actual cost of the media on which the records or data are produced.

General Information